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    I just updated from 1.5.3 to 1.5.5 (latest version) and now the content of the Elementor website is being displayed within the popup content area.

    In your changelog it says: “fix for papge builder in popup content area (added the_content filter)” – However I think instead of fixing an issue I did not encounter before not it caused this issue to appear on my environment. Everything is latest version.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Update: I just tested it with 1.5.4 – works fine! So it must be related to the latest update which causes this issue.

    Hi there!

    I just faced the same issue with Holler Box 1.5.5 and Elementor 3.1.4

    Note: I can also confirm that rolling back to 1.5.4 the issue gets fixed

    I’m testing with Elementor, I am not seeing duplicate content. Do you guys have custom code that uses the hollerbox_content or the_content filter to add Elementor content? 1.5.5 adds the_content filter, so it would only duplicate if you have added your own filter.

    I am going to release a fix for the Elementor front end builder with Holler Box next version.

    This is also happening with MemberPress and Hollerbox.

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    Nope, no custom code / manually added filter here.

    Hope I didn’t hijack your thread @jdaniel ….If so, I totally didn’t mean to.

    For my issue, maybe that’s what is causing the issue? I feel like things used to work fine for my site.

    I’m not super tech savvy but here’s what Blubrry, an audio plugin I’m using, said re:the_content: https://blubrry.com/support/powerpress-documentation/media-appearance/resolving-plugin-theme-conflict-issues/

    Even though this is not happening in my testing, I think I see what might be the problem. I am using the_content filter along with do_shortcode, and it seems the do_shortcode is unnecessary. I have removed it, can you try this version? https://drive.google.com/file/d/158MIvh8CPJvYFlLsbBoosdOp0h873vnL/view?usp=sharing

    @jdaniel @kdubyo any updates on this?

    @scottopolis It’s good for me. Thanks Scott!

    Glad to hear it! I will add this fix to the next release.

    Hi @scottopolis

    I’m having this same issues as the others, so I’ve had to deactivate the plugin unfortunately.

    What’s your guidance for non-tech experts?



    Hi, this issue was fixed in the latest release, did you update the plugin?

    Hi @scottopolis,

    I’m having (I believe) is the same problem. No matter which page you visit on my site, the Holler Box will display the current page inside of it (except on the home page where it oddly displays the last post linked on that page). Below all of this, at the very bottom of the Holler Box box, it displays the “Small text above email field” and input field & button, but not the main text message or popup image.

    You can see this on my Home Page at cjrune.com

    But also check what it does if you go to the Contact Page, for example, at cjrune.com/contact-cj-rune/

    Wondering if you can help. I’ve set Holler Box to Notification Box and to display on all pages, to all visitors, show immediately, and on all page loads so, hopefully, you can test it more easily.

    Using Holler Box version 1.5.6 and Elementor version 3.1.4.



    The Holler Box was popping up too much on the site, so I changed it to appear after a delay of 5 seconds and stay gone after user interaction.

    Still having the odd issue, though, with the popup loading the same page it appears on.

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