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  • Hi, I have the version 1.2 of wordpress, when I try to insert a comment it always appears this writing: Error: please type a comment . I have read that many users have my same problem, but it don’t seem me to read real solutions…: (

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  • Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    wp-comments-post.php was changed a bit on May 7th. Is your 1.2 installation newer or older than that? If older, please update and see if that helps.

    Try upgrading to a more recent version anyways, if there is one 🙂

    Where can I download the most recent packet? tanks.

    Thanks! 🙂 I try. Meanwhile I have made the upload of the old file, also here negative result…
    Excuse me, is it enough only upload of wp-comments-post.php ?

    nothing! : (
    in precedence I had downloaded the version 1.0.1 and I didn’t have problems with the comments in the tests, afterward I have downloaded the version 1.2 RC1, to be able to use the plugins…

    katacresi, try upgrading to the latest RC1 version.
    betas etc are not suggested for running regular blogs for the reason that some thing or the other might not work, cause these are just development builds.

    Excuse me 2fargon, I am new with wordpress and I don’t know how to do the upgrade (I don’t even know whether to download the last version:)). I’m Italian and I ‘m translating step by step wordpress, the upgrade will force me to restart everything?
    Thanks for the patience

    I don’t know what exactly is the deal with translation, but I beleive that just upgrading to the latest will not break translation (i hope you are using the pot or po files for translation)
    If not, then katacresi, do use the prescribed method for translation, as described in the wiki so you don’t get stuck with a certain version of wp.
    The may7th version of the file in questions looks okay to me since i use it just fine. Can you delete the file on your server and then upload the may7th version, just to be sure the file gets replaced?

    A million of thanks! resolved the problem! It was not the file wp-comments-post, but the file wp-comment inappropriately translated. : (
    This way I have restored the original version of the file wp-comments and I can now write and see my comments. I have to set more attention to the translation;)

    Where do I insert the file. po of my nation?

    Info about localization:
    Insert .mo file into wp-includes/languages

    The file is it_IT. do I have to rename it in it_IT.po or
    In the folder *includes* there is not the folder *languages*, therefore I have created the folder. it is the correct procedure?

    I have copied the file it_IT. po, tried with poedit, put in the folder languages, renamed it it_IT. mo (?), changed the headers in wp-config.php: wplang (“it_IT”), put it_IT in wp-l10n.php. It doesn’t change anything. Where I wrong?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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