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  • Resolved Tony Franco


    Dear Sirs,

    Please, i´m getting an error on membership.

    The add of new user happens (i receive e-mail with the membership warning), but the new user just after press the button to register gets a page with this error:

    How i can fix this?

    Thanks and Regards,


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  • Plugin Support Travis


    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us and for using Paid Membership Pro!

    Have you done any customization work to edit the checkout page in any way, perhaps added some fields to the check out page using our Register Helper add on? If so, would you mind sharing the code snippet with me?

    Alternatively, you can check to make sure all your pages are correctly set up by navigating to your WP Dashboard > Membership > Page Settings.

    Is there an active page allocated to each option?

    Hope this helps!

    Hello Trav,

    Thanks by your return!

    Sometime ago, at the configuration of nginx, i made this change:

    location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;


    location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args;

    And the it returned to work, all the process.

    Now just happens what i wrote at the first post.

    At the Membership > Page Settings it´s all ok…

    How can i see if was done some customization edit work at checkout page? (sorry, i don´t remember), Would you like to take an admin look?



    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    You should be able to to a file difference using a text editor of choice by downloading the latest version of PMPro from the WordPress repository and compare it to your existing PMPro that is installed on your site.

    Do you have a plugin called PMPro Customizations on your site or do you have a custom page template done on your site? This is usually a folder inside your active theme directory?

    You will need to connect to your site via FTP to see if you have setup a custom page template in your theme.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.

    Unfortunately our support for the does not cover login debugging. If you would like a Paid Memberships Pro support engineer to login and debug this for you, please could you post this to PMPro’s member forums which can be found on

    I hope this helps 🙂

    Hello Andrew,

    Thanks by your return.

    I looked here and didn´t find the plugin “PMPro Customizations” and no folder inside the active theme also.

    Three active plugins of Membership:

    I connected at FTP with filezilla and used the tool to compare the files, look like same:

    Paid membership pro:
    Register helper:

    What could be?



    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Thanks for this.

    I’m a bit unsure of what assistance you are needing.

    Do you need to find out if your checkout.php page in PMPro has been modified? You are able to see the ‘Last Modified’ column in your FTP client.

    When customizing PMPro, we highly recommend using a custom plugin –

    Unfortunately we are unable to share login details on the forum and should you require any further assistance with a support engineer logging into your site, I would recommend posting your issue on our member forums over at

    I hope this helps, thank you for your patience.

    Ever since updated my SSL Certificate through Bluehost, my members cannot login. The login page produces too many redirects/page cannot be found error – They end up on the My Account page – that has the acutally error.

    I disabled the “force ssl” in settings but how can I activate it again without producing this error?

    Please help as now I get this message in the WP dashboard, “PayPal Pro requires that the Force secure checkout option is enabled; your checkout may not be secure! Please enable SSL and ensure your server has a valid SSL certificate – PayPal Pro will only work in test mode.”

    UPDATE: I just found this page – which provides me with code to enter into my site to avoid the SSL by Proxy problem (which I didn’t have before I renewed my certificate); however, I do not know know if that is the problem or how and where to enter it, if it was. Bluehost stated that the http and https are on the same server. So, the tech assumed it is not by proxy. (He didn’t quite know what I meant by “by proxy”.)


    UPDATE: I just realized that I have PayPal Pro PayFlow. Once I removed PayPal Pro as a gateway, the message disappeared.

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    hi @glutenfreerecipebox,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    To confirm, is the issue resolved now or do you still need assistance in implementing SSL correctly on your site?

    Here’s a great blog done by Jason (lead developer of PMPro) to troubleshoot SSL/HTTPS issues –

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    @tony-franco, would you mind deactivating all plugins except Paid Memberships Pro and try this again.

    There can be a couple of issues causing this error.

    If you want higher level support that will allow our support technicians to login to your site and troubleshoot this further, please can you post on the member forum on

    Thank you for your patience regarding this.

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