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    I created a communication channel.

    I get an error when I click on Recording. It says

    Agora Error:
    There has been a critical error on this website.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

    I believe I have set the Channel Recording option correctly with my S3 bucket and credentials.

    Also, I have updated Settings with my details from my Dashboard.

    I couldn’t find what Customer Certificate is, but I put in my Customer Secret instead.

    Anything else?

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    Hi @iszuddin,

    Thank you for your interest in the Agora Video for WordPress plugin. Sorry to hear your are running into issues. Please take a look at this QuickStart Guide, and make sure you are providing the plugin with the correct credentials.

    Within the Advanced Setup section

    Advanced setup

    • Create or Login to an Agora developer account (
    • Create a project and take note of the App ID and App Certificate keys
    • Navigate to “Products and Usage” page. Enable RTMP and Cloud Recording
    • Navigate to the Dashboard API section of your Agora Console
      ( and take note of your Customer ID and Customer Certificate keys.
    • Navigate to the plugin’s Settings section and input App ID,App Certificate, Customer ID, and Customer Certificate keys

    With regard to the AWS credentials, make sure you use the bucket name and not the full ARN (arn:aws:s3:::<bucket-name>), as this will cause issues.

    If you are still facing issues, please feel free to reach out to and we can set up a meeting to get your issue resolved.

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    I found a bug. But I am not too sure how to contribute to the code on WordPress.

    This is where the error lies.

    Too few arguments to function WP_Agora_Public::generateNewToken(), 2 passed in class-wp-includes/agora-cloud-recording.php on line 186 and exactly 3 expected.

    I had a look at /public/class-wp-agora-io-public.php:122 where the class was defined. The last parameter should either be ‘rtm’ or something else. Trying ‘rtm’, it didn’t work. Changing the value for the last parameter with ” worked.

    So I put a default value for the function in the class.

    /wp-content/plugins/wp-agora-io/public/class-wp-agora-io-public.php line: 122
    public function generateNewToken($channel_id, $uid, $tokenType = '' ) {

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    Also … I went through that docs and medium. You don’t have Customer Certificate in your dashboard panel anymore. Only Customer ID and Secret. Maybe there should be an update in your documentation with the update in your dashboard panel.

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    Hi @iszuddin,

    Thank you for pointing out this outdated name. We will update the Quickstart guide.

    With regard to the error, it seams that you have resolved this based on your other post.

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