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  • on one of my pages, it shows workshops, where i have the date of the workshop posted. The issue is, for some reason all of a sudden, the page now shows the date i created that post as well, which used to not be showing. how do i get rid of this? why would the date of created be showing in the content?

    please look if someone has time so you can see what i mean

    for example, notice how it has the date of the workshop on march 10th, but then after that it says january. why is it showing that? how do i get rid of that? thanks

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    That’s part of your themes template, and I’ll bet that the extra date that you’re seeing is the date that the post was published.

    To remove this, you will have to edit your themes templates. To do this I’d highly recommend using a child theme so your changes stick.

    As for which template file it’s in, that’s the harder part. There could be a lot of different files, but I’d start off looking at archive.php, category.php, content.php, content-post.php and others that are close to what I’ve said here. You will probably find it in a few places, so there will be some trial-and-error before you find the actual place for it.

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