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  • Resolved CK MacLeod


    I long ago lost count of the sites I’ve duplicated using Duplicator, but I’ve now encountered this error at different hosts (A2Hosting and FastComet), with different account types (VPS and Shared), and with different types of sites. These are both servers I’ve used multiple times before without issue. The problems seemed to start with the first Duplicator upgrade that included the security hash option, which I am NOT using.

    In short, while trying to install on a completely empty folder and empty database, the extraction process and db test proceed without apparent issues, but, when I try to install the db and finish (Step 3 of 4: Update Data), the process stops, leaving me at /dup-installer/main.installer.php, which shows a nearly blank page in my browser: blank except for the date at the top of the page. Page source includes the info appended below.

    These latest attempts at FastComet Shared Hosting, use DupArchive, since previous attempts returned Host Build Interrupts. I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox, and I am accessing the URL via a Windows hosts file connection (the domain is in the process of being transferred to a new host). When I encountered this problem at A2Hosting (small site, VPS hosting), I was able to complete the installation after rebuilding a package with all plugins other than Duplicator disabled. This time, however, that method failed.

    I’ll attempt a two-part install, and may try some other approaches, though I’d of course appreciate any insight or advice. In any event at this point I’m beginning to wonder if this trusty plugin isn’t so trusty anymore.

    <label>Web Server:</label> Apache<br/>
    <label>PHP Version:</label> 7.2.31<br/>
    <label>PHP INI Path:</label> /opt/alt/php72/etc/php.ini <br/>
    <label>PHP SAPI:</label> cgi-fcgi<br/>
    <label>PHP ZIP Archive:</label> Is Installed <br/>
    <label>PHP max_execution_time:</label> 0<br/>
    <label>PHP memory_limit:</label> 4294967296<br/>
    <label>Error Log Path:</label> error_log<br/>

    <div class=”hdr”>PACKAGE BUILD DETAILS</div>
    <label>Plugin Version:</label> 1.3.34<br/>
    <label>WordPress Version:</label> 5.2.6<br/>
    <label>PHP Version:</label> 7.2.31<br/>
    <label>Database Version:</label> 5.7.30<br/>
    <label>Operating System:</label> Linux<br/>

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @ck-macleod

    If you want to submit a support ticket for this issue we can have a closer look at your setup. Please provide a link to this thread when submitting the ticket.


    Submitted, thanks.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks we’ll have someone look at it soon.


    CK MacLeod


    Sorry to say that Snapcreek support help wasn’t really very helpful this time around. Frankly, I had given up on Duplicator and had resorted to alternative “old-fashioned’ migration tactics, but, as now noted on the SnapCreek thread, I have now confirmed that the issue was the presence of Wordfence with “Extended Protection” in a higher level directory on the server. Once I uninstalled Extended Protection (in Wordfence Firewall settings), I was able to complete installation of a duplicate site.

    Though I recall having in the past encountered somewhat similar issues relating to Wordfence, I don’t know why this particular version of it has cropped up now, in this way. As a friendly suggestion: You might want to consider adding some notice or message or instruction or option on the issue, given now popular Wordfence is, and how common I believe this filesystem substructure is for accounts with multiple WordPress sites.

    Otherwise, I’ll go back to using Duplicator for all or anyway almost all of my site migration needs.

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    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @ck-macleod,

    We’ll see if we can get better detection in for WordFence in a future release… Sorry, we weren’t able to as thoroughly isolate the problem for you…


    No big. Thanks. Still a fan.

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