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  • Sorry, me again, ;-(
    I just have downloaded the gold version, but get the same error (not double slash).
    Warning: Unable to access /home/html/b2-include/b2template.functions.php in /home/webcindario/cerebro-dividido/b2login.php on line 3
    Fatal error: Failed opening required ‘/home/html/b2-include/b2template.functions.php’ (include_path=’.’) in /home/webcindario/cerebro-dividido/b2login.php on line 3
    Allusion:. Thank you for your support & for enduring me .

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  • Okay try this, go to the very bottom of your b2config.php file and put:
    $abspath = '/home/webcindario/cerebro-dividido/';
    Let me know what happens. If that doesn’t fix it email me (m at this domain) login information for your site and I’ll check out what the problem is.

    I’d like to thank jmesam for having the problem and especially allusion for solving it. I also wanted to put my installation in a subdirectory and would have been growling and grumbling had I not read through this forum first. (I did try it without the fix, just to see, and sure enough, I had the same problem).
    I like it when people solve my problems before I have them!

    I have followed the instructions for installing my index.php file outside my wordpress folder by configuring my options as follows:
    WordPress address (URI):
    Blog address (URI):
    and by changing my index.php file to show: require(‘./wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’);
    But I am having problems. With index.php outside the wordpress folder I can access my site using and login from there etc. But in WordPress if I select templates it gives me the following error message:
    Editing index.php
    Oops, no such file exists! Double check the name and try again, merci.
    Can you tell me how to resolve this please?

    At present, being unable to edit templates like that is the price paid for your sort of install.
    There will probably be a way of doing it if you downloaded ‘templates.php’ and entered the full address to the file maybe.

    seems like there’s a lot of posts on this.
    any progress on this? doesn’t seem like it should
    be too hard to fix. but hell, what do it know.

    I would imagine that this may be addressed in 1.3 – but that’s a guess.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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