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    when trying to connect to twitter I get an error saying

    We got an unknown error back from Twitter. This is what they said.

    {“errors”:[{“message”:”Sorry, that page does not exist”,”code”:34}]}

    I have created an “app” in my twitter account and connected to it with the given keys from Twitter. I have also confirmed within my twitter account that the wordpress connection is valid (connected from WP to Twitter, agreed, and got directed back to WP).

    Next step would be importing, I can use a connection (though strangly this is called @ where I expected @ruudvddries).

    After setting the import I get the error as displayed above.

    What am I missing or doing wrong here?

    Kind regards,


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  • Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    Sorry for the delay on replying to this!

    It sounds like you’re able to connect to your Twitter App using Keyring, but just to confirm — can you try the following?

    1. Go to Tools > Keyring in your wp-admin
    2. Click ‘Add New’ next to the title of the page
    3. Click Twitter (which should appear in the top list on the following page)
    4. Authorize on Twitter, which should redirect you back to Keyring/WP
    5. You should see a new entry in the connections table that shows your Twitter avatar and Name

    Does that process work fully?

    Once we’ve confirmed that, then add this to your wp-config:

    define( 'KEYRING__DEBUG_MODE', true );

    And try running the importer. Your server’s error logs should get a bunch of debug information added to them which will hopefully give an indication of why the import part of things isn’t working. Do *not* post that here; it contains tokens and other things. If you’d like, you can email me a copy at beau (at) though and I can help you interpret it.


    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    Actually — I think this is because of the recent change of Twitter’s API endpoints.

    I’d made a change on my local copy that wasn’t committed yet, so the version for download didn’t have that change in it. Try replacing this file (in the ‘importers’ directory within the the plugin), and I believe it will fix the problem:

    Please let me know if that works.

    Hi Beau,

    thanks for your reply. I started by checking your first post. This didn’t work for me. I do not see my Twitter Avatar or Username for that matter.

    After that I changed the php file as mentioned in your second post, but this to didn’t do it. I still do not see my avatar and username.

    I do get a different error message. Sadly, it is this one;

    We got an unknown error back from Twitter. This is what they said.

    Importing Posts…

    (the first line is a red box with red outline and printed in red text. The second line is your script giving the impression it is importing (which it also did before) but without any results)

    So know way of telling what went wrong there….

    I will send you a debug file by mail, tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your respons, time and effort!

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    Any luck with this Ruud? I also didn’t get a copy of your debug file (if you sent it).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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