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  • I am trying this wonderful extension, and it is perfect just except it gives an error on Chrome that prevents its normal working.

    The background slideshow on fullscreen mode just stops after one or two slides, and chrome developer tools tells me this error: “Uncaught TypeError: Object#<Object> has no method ‘adjustImageSize’ (repeated 106 times)” and “Uncaught TypeError: Object#<Object> has no method ‘GetAjaxData'”. The error is on pub.js?ver=1.2.2

    The test page where I have the error is:

    It works well in internet explorer.

    Searching in forums they say it may have to do with the jquery include, but I don’t really understand quite well the answers…

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Plugin Author myatu



    This is proving to be a little difficult to debug, but it may be due to a plugin called “Gantry”. Let me know how it works if you temporarily disable that plugin.

    Thank you so much for your quick answer!

    Gantry is a theme framework and that’s the reason I didn’t try to disable as I was assuming it is solid. But yes, I tried and the problem is with Gantry.

    I will post on gantry forum to see if they can help me.

    Anyway, meanwhile they look at the problem I will be trying to figure out the solution myself just to learn. Any clue to where do I have to look to isolate the problem? Maybe it has to be with a conflict between jquery and mootools?

    Thanks again! Keep the good work!

    Also I saw a forum post of a similar error that said that it may have to be with the defined date format. As I have the page in catalan (a small language of a region of Spain), and not in english, can be related to this?

    Sorry I’m a newbie in programming… Hope some day I know this kind of things!

    Plugin Author myatu


    From initial looks, it does appear to be a conflict between jQuery and MooTools, but exactly how this conflict occurs is a bit of a mystery at the moment – all JS is encapsulated.

    Thanks myatu!

    It’s weird because sometimes it loads two images and sometimes it loads like 8… So I suppose there is a mysterious conflict with something that executes later. Maybe a variable that has the same name in gantry? I used the developers versions of the jquery scripts to find it in an easier way with a debugger.

    Anyway, I finally used the supersized jquery plugin in the main page that works ok, but doesn’t have the function of remembering last slide. Can you tell me where in your code can I find this function?

    If you want, you can take a look at the bug free version using supersized just in case you want to adapt it to your plugin if it suits you:

    I’ll keep you informed if someone from the other forums I posted answers me with a solution for your plugin with Gantry.

    Thanks again for your patience and dedication!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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