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    I just move my blog to a self hosted website. I tought I had worked out most of the function errosr but for some reasons, when I posted my welcoming message… it wouldnt display on ie7. I made a new article today and everything is working. So i’m left with a single post that IE7 is having trouble with. If anyone could take a look and try to help me determine why it would be greatly appreciated. I’m not that great with coding and I’m fairly new to wordpress so the more explanations the better 🙂

    Article not diplaying in ie7:

    Thanks for your time

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  • Do not copy and paste from MS Word because it adds junky code that IE hates. Either remove the bad code or repaste your text from a text editor like notepad. The bad code starts with:

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>

    Thanks a lot… now I feel dumb. I knew the trouble with MSWord. I went over so many thing today trying to figure it out. Going back to every changes I had made in the theme code. I guess I should have started directly with the page causing troubles lol.

    Thanks again for your time and how quick the response was.

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