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    Thanks for updating the plugin 🙂

    Please note that this error may happen when you updated your plugin:
    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WP_Statistics_Updates' not found in /wp-content/plugins/wp-statistics/includes/classes/class-wp-statistics-welcome.php:78

    You can ignore this error because it belongs to our previous version and occurs once, while updating to the new version, so don’t worry! It doesn’t cause any problem.

    If you encounter any other bugs, please let us know.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I received that error message when I updated to the new version today. I cannot simply ignore it as it took my website off line. The home page returns a white screen. Disabled the plugin and the website is back on-line.

    Don’t worry?! I now have to go through 30 web sites to see which ones still work!

    How to remove this plugin now?
    The update took my site down !!!
    I renamed the folder but still nothing.

    I’ve got the same problem after the plugin update: A Whitescreen – no more login possible. How to deactivate this plugin? This solution saved my sunday evening & night: Simply rename the plugin via FTP into “disabled.wp-statistics”
    More Details:

    But I don’t know how to continue now with this plugin. Any Ideas or suggestions from veronalabs? Simply Reinstalling it? Please, can you give us hints how to go on after the crash? And when? Will you fix it? I’m a little bit scared now about reactivating…

    Disable every Ad blocking extension on your browser and the plugin will function like normal! Try it!

    “It doesn’t cause any problem”

    But it totally crashes peoples homepages….
    And am I the only one whose counter has stopped working? According to the page counter I have had no visitors since my page broke down and recovered so I am kinda wondering if my page is broken to other people than me or if the plugin stopped working

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    Hey there, I cannot agree that this is not something to worry about. In addition to the other faults listed above, this update has caused a conflict with Avada theme (version 6.2.3), specifically where the Fusion Builder (page editor, version 2.2.3) will not load, rendering it impossible to edit pages.

    Disabling WP Statistics solved my problem.

    Additionally, our error logs are filling up amazingly fast, taking up valuable disk space on the server. This s no good!

    Updated plugin this morning and it blocked access to site

    I have several other sites … I updated plugin on only the 1 site this morning … I can not access site using URL However, I can access Admin area. I deactivated plugin and removed it I can still not access site using URL

    Question 1 – How do I get my site back up?
    Question 2 – Do I delete plugin in other sites?

    Yep, got a database error as well. Since I’m the admin, I just needed to delete the wp_statistics folder but really hope there’s a fix.

    Well, removed the plug-in using my ftp program and downloaded the previous version (13.0.1) and seems to be working. So anyone who has access to the files via ftp, just delete the wp-statistics folder.

    Edit: Nevermind, got an error once I went back to the Dashboard. So strange because until I clicked out of the statistics page, my site was working fine.

    Edit 2: Seems like the last stable one was 12.6.13, installed it and seems to be working (so far).

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    After updating to v3.0.2, WordPress informed me I had that exact error. Luckily my website is up contrary to what other have experienced.

    I had 2 sites update to 13.0.2 this evening. Both produced slightly different error messages, one ‘Unexpected’ one ‘Fatal’. The ‘Fatal’ case was enough to trigger an automatic email from, apparently a new feature of WP v5.2. WP had identified the source of the error as the WP Statistics plugin. The email includes a link that will log you into your dashboard in ‘recovery mode’. From there you could investigate further or delete the plugin if necessary. The link expires after 24 hours so if that would be helpful and you had a “Fatal” error message following the update, check your email inbox.

    I was very fortunate in that my sites remained up and running but the WP Statistics plugin was not functioning correctly. Because I have ftp access to my sites (using the free CoreFTP software) I solved the problem, using the same method as themovieman, by first deleting the plugin altogether from the wp/content/plugins folder. That alone should repair any broken sites unless your site database is now corrupt.

    I then rolled back to the last version of WP Statistics that had worked successfully, in my case the previous version 12.6.13. This can be downloaded using the link …

    … which can also be found in a post further down this support page. You can select the version and download at the foot of the page. Extract the download to obtain the wp-statistics folder and upload this to the wp/content/plugins folder of your site.

    Restart your site and you should successfully be running the older version of the plugin. I did not lose my past statistics in this process.

    The current version of WP Statistics requires the installation of php7-bcmath, which was not mandatory until now. Most likely, the webhoster will have to respond to this.
    [Update] But even after installing the php module there is still an error message and the backend does not answer (nevertheless the frontend still works). The backend is ok after you restart the browser completely.
    This is not what I would call a smooth transition. I would have expected that updates are thoroughly tested before publishing?

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    Fatal error upon upgrade here. Pages displayed but dashboard blocked. Manually renamed wp-statistics to wp-statistics-12-29-20 and regained dashboard access (but of course wp-statistics is now missing in action).

    Plugin Contributor veronalabs



    Thank you for using our plugin and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    We are working hard to fix the problems and you can check out our GitHub for the Composer problem.
    We will release an update today.

    Again, we are really sorry for this issue.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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