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  1. poolstudentjohn
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have a blog on which all my pages/posts work correctly in Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome, but I get an error in IE7. I get the error on the main page, and on 5 of my posts if they are view directly by typping the full address in.

    I do not know how long this has been going on, I just learned of it last night. I tested with IE7 a while ago and all was ok, but since I've just been adding content I haven't been testing on every change (I will be from now on).

    Anyway, I looked at every one of my posts one at a time in IE and 7 work and 5 don't in IE7). On two of thoses that do work, I don't get the favicon in the browser tab, on the other 5 I do.

    I've looked through the posts for errors that the other browsers could be fixing, like mismatched tags, but can find nothing. The links work, the photos display, etc.

    I went online looking for tech support and found many instances of this error, but all I found in the way of solutions were people advising to remove IE plugins, etc. Most having the problem had it in other browsers (in same way at least). Not any help to me.

    I'm stumped and it's driving me nuts. I'd appreciate any help any of you can provide.

  2. poolstudentjohn
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The blog in question is http://www.poolstudent.com/blog

    Sorry for not including this originally.

  3. sebramsland
    Posted 7 years ago #

    This also occurs to me.

    http://www.sebastianramsland.com/ (Test in IE)

  4. poolstudentjohn
    Posted 7 years ago #

    sebramsland, I get a similar message when I look at your site, "Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site xxxxx operation aborted." but that's not exactly the same as what I get. Also, on your site I get the background image and then it craps out. On mine I get absolutely noting of my site, just the MS error.

    For debugging so far I have tried a few things:

    I loaded every post I have (only 12) and noted which loaded/which did not.

    I unpublished every post that was having the problem (5).

    I still get the problem.

    I deactivated the plugin "All in one SEO Pack" because I fould a message from someone who said it had caused his problem. It didn't help, so I reactivated it.

  5. poolstudentjohn
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I seem to have temporarily fixed the problem. I deactivated 10 plugins and the problem went away. I reactivated them 1 at a time and nothing broke.

    If the problem recurs I'll deactivate one at a time to figure out which it is. I guess I should also reconsider having so many (16).

  6. kmessinger
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 7 years ago #


    The error seems to be in the flash player loading. If I remove line 86 thru 124, your site loads (takes a long time to load the the flash image).

    If you go to http://validator.w3.org/ you will find your site has several parsing errors.

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