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    Here is the fatal error i receive when I submit backup via WordPress CRON job:

    Server self connect: Not expected HTTP response:
    WP Http Error: cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received.

    Is this a known problem with this release?

    I am tempted to revert to prior release for testing purposes.

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  • Hi, the issue is not a known bug, and it does not seem related to the plugin at all.

    According to the error provided, it seems that the cUrl library on your system produces the issue,
    but BackWPup never interacts with cUrl directly, but always use WordPress HTTP API, that internally uses cUrl library.

    Have you changed something on your system that could have a caused this issue?

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    Thank you for you message. I apologize for the delay in my response.

    I recently upgraded my hosting package by stayed with the same host provider.

    Yes, I have added several plugins to help facilitate faster website loading – including lazy load, async javascript, minification of CSS?Javascript/HTML etc.

    I use CloudFlare as my CDN but never had a problem until just recently with the above error on failed execution of WP Cron j0ob on backWPup.

    So I have no idea where to start with a solution to this issue.

    Oddly, ALL other activities and operational features of my website work perfetly and without issue!

    That is very odd for a plugin like backWPup with is normally very stable.

    Any ideas of thoughts on this issue would be most appreciated.


    Actually as I told you earlier that issue isn’t related to our BackWPup plugin. I think the other plugins don’t use WPCron jobs or cURL. So you hasn’t faced that problem yet with other plugins.

    Possible reason would be your hosting service provider has changed something in their core infrastructure, which has caused you the problem. Or they hasn’t updated their infrastructure yet, that also can cause the problem.

    So, I will suggest you to contact your hosting service provider for this issue.

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    hi Khan,

    thank you for you reply.

    Oddly, I have contacted my hosting company and sent them the details of the issue. Their tech support team responded to me and claim nothing is wrong on their side. They suspect that there is a plugin conflict – however, I have not been able to find the conflict (if any) so far.

    So basically I am in the middle of two entities pointing fingers at each other and no one taking charge and being accountable. My blog domain is hosted on the same plan with the agency website. The major difference is the blog site does not use SSL and the agency website does use SSL.

    I have seen lots of instances where this error is evident in postings by other website owners. So it is not unique to me and my website. – going back to June 2016.

    As a non-technical person I wish someone at backWPup development could give some details as to why this occurs and how to explain that to a hosting company. Finger pointing etc. will not correct the problem. And happy users is really the name of the game – right?


    of course we want our users to be happy and always give them the best answer we can give. Unfortunately we do not have another answer at this moment for this problem and also cannot promise you that we will have a solution for this problem soon. Sometimes things are not that easy to solve. And you already got an answer from someone from BackWPup development.
    You say other websites owners have this problem since june, so it is probably not related to the latest version.

    But you can try to revert to the previous version and check if the problem is there too. Then we have more information.

    Can you please link the posts of the other users having this problem? This would help us to understand the problem better.

    It does not help anyway, if you try to force an answer on every channel we have. Thanks for your understanding and for using our free plugin.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Christina,

    Thank you for your message.

    I have reverted the backWPup plugin to an earlier version and this did not correct the issue.

    I suggest you Google the specific error I reference by using keywords. Here is the actual error message I receive:

    “Not expected HTTP response:
    WP Http Error: cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received.”

    I don’t know what you mean “forcing answers on every channel we have”. I am unaware of other channels you have and this is the only place where I have described the problem and expected a technical answer. Since I am without a recent backup and quick resolve to this issue is critical to the operation and security on my business website. So I hope this urgency was communicated in a way that your resources will attempt a full resolution if possible!

    I will contact my host but I know they will point to the backWPup plugin or a possible conflict with another plugin(s).

    Thanking you in advance for your guidance and help.

    Plugin Author Brandon Olivares


    @kpbryce132, this error occurs because curl tries to verify the SSL certificate, and is unable to. I would ask your host whether your SSL certificate is non-standard, or say that curl isn’t able to validate it.

    Also your curl was seemingly compiled with GnuTLS, instead of OpenSSL. In some versions of GnuTLS this is a known bug. I’d ask your host about that as well.

    Neither of these issues unfortunately have to do with BackWPup, but hopefully that was the technical explanation you were desiring, and you can pass that on to your host.

    A simple resolution if you don’t want to deal with it is not to force SSL on all URLs, set your site URL to http, and only use SSL on the pages you want it on.

    I’m going to mark this as resolved, but if you need further help, just let us know.

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    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for that detailed explanation – I will speak to my hosting service about the issues you mention!

    Best wishes,


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