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  • I tried using this plugin
    I get this error

    TypeError: r[t] is undefined
    Line Number: 1
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  • I suggest that you put these pluaigns on your website and offer paid support for these. The work you have done is invaluable.

    Plugin Author ovann86



    That error message is coming from the minified JavaScript file.

    Could you load the page with the URL parameter gform_debug and let me know what the error message says.


    (if you already have parameters url – the bit after the question mark)


    (if you don’t have parameters in the url)

    That should give a more useful and specific error message.

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    Yes it did.

    TypeError: number_format_fields[field_id] is undefined
    Line Number: 409

    Thank you

    Hi there

    We identified the issue. It took a while to identify. Credit goes to David Smith of gravitywiz and could be identified when we were using the Nested forms add on for gravity forms. The bug is that the number format gravity forms plugin is configured in such a way that you can’t have multiple forms on the same page. But I guess we can have multiple forms on the same page. So this means that if we use this plugin on a page with multiple forms it would inevitably at some point throw up this error. List field number format for gravity forms is an intricate problem solving piece of software. Since this software has done this work that no one else has done and with requests to introduce more such customizations you could consider offering these services for a reasonable consideration. Thanks.

    This means that this plugin cannot be used in the gravity forms eco system especially after the introduction of the Nested Field for gravity forms, if we plan using the LIST field, until when you get the time to update the plugin to resolve this issue.

    P.S. To spell out the issue exactly : the plugin wont allow addition of more rows in case of more than one list field when more than one form one page

    Hi @ovann86

    List field number format is not compatible with Nested forms yet I guess

    The below issue still persists. Thanks

    Line Number: 409

    To update you if I don’t select “Enable number format option” then the list field works correctly

    If I enable number format for any of the columns then clicking the + sign does not create additional rows addition of rows. It just wont add new rows.

    This applies to when the list field is used in Nested forms

    The current workaround is :
    to not select the enable number format in the list field. Instead create another number field with calculation enabled which populates the total of the list field column with number data in it. Works fine that way but it would be great if number format in List field becomes fully compatible with Nested forms

    @ovann86 Thanks anyway for the awesome work

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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