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  • @robsarna, @matiase, @endureweb @lindakristianssen

    I’ve emailed Brijesh, the developer to see if there’s a fix but I also noticed that ALex Vasquez has a fix so I am going to email him and see if we can get any movement on this fix. Will advise when I hear anything.


    Nice work! I ended up having to use another plugin temporarily, but it doesn’t do ranges, only individual IP addresses, so this one is still my ideal answer. Looking forward to hearing back!

    @endureweb – what’s the other plugin? I need something setup fairly urgently with uni’s going back to class next week.

    @martine_cotton – It’s called ‘User Allowed IP Addresses’. So far its done a really good job. The issue we have is that they want to allow whole universities to have access, which is hundreds of IP’s. So its not ideal.

    Hope its helpful for you.

    Hey folks,
    I’ve uploaded the modified version of this plugin to a Github repo you can find here: – No guarantees that it works for you and I’m not providing support.

    I hope this helps someone. =)

    ALEX! You are a champion, thanks heaps.

    Fingers crossed I can get it to work.

    Thanks again Alex,

    I have been able to make this work on my site.

    Other folks out there, remember to rename the master zip as well as the uncompressed folder title to ip-based-login.1.3.8 (.zip)

    @alex Vasquez – I think i might love you Alex. 🙂

    What’s your paypal? I owe you a beer.

    Nice one.

    This plugin has worked great for two years. Brijeshk made a few changes that were excellent. I just now fell into the above problem and glad to see the communal help here. Commenting out the escape-string variable got this going again. Alex, is this all you did or is there more?
    Guess I should donate again!
    Thx, all!

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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