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  • Had high hopes for this plugin, as a non techy person, I hoped it would give me easy to install, set up and run Security on my wordpress blog.

    After I installed it, I got a repeating Warning message on the dashboard to the plugin, that ran to almost 200 lines. I posted a question about it on the plugin’s forum, waited a couple of days, and when I got no answer, I asked if the author was around. For that I got my wrist slapped by a moderator for bumping, who deleted my ‘reminder’. I waited another day (by which time the author had been on the forum answering support questions that had been posted after mine, but ignoring mine). Again I politely asked why, and was deleted by the moderator. That was five days, still no reply.

    Gave up and installed Wordfence, best decision I ever made.

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  • Plugin Author wpsolutions


    Hi Frank,
    Sincerely sorry we missed your forum question.
    I remember seeing it last week and making a mental note to get back to it but we got pre-occupied with other tasks and it got accidentally buried in the pile.

    Once again apologies for that.

    Thread Starter FrankBukowski


    No worries WP, to be honest I was more miffed at the moderator, who seemed to go a bit power-mad. All I did was ask politely and he suggested if I was in a hurry I should consider paying someone to sort it for me, which seemed completely against the spirit of the WordPress forums.

    I didn’t get that mad at you, which is why I didn’t rate you one star, I actually think your plugin is quite good, I just never got to test it out properly. On the surface it seems user friendly and you’ve obviously given a lot of thought to the look and feel as well as the functionality. But when the worrying warning message came up and I couldn’t get an answer from anyone, I had no alternative but to uninstall and try another plugin.

    That’s the only reason I gave it a 2* rating. Hopefully anyone reading these comments will take that into consideration, and when I’ve posted this comment I’ll bump the rating up to 3* if I can work out to do that, because I think your oversight was genuine and your apology sincere.

    Don’t get me wrong, without people like you providing the WordPress community with fantastic plugins that make all our lives easier, we’d be a lot worse off. I really do appreciate all the hard development work you guys do, and you provide this stuff for free, so the last thing I want to do is criticise anyone. No hard feelings, and I wish you and your plugin well.



    All I did was ask politely

    As suggested previously, please read

    Bumping is not allowed on these forums.

    Thread Starter FrankBukowski


    Thanks for clearing that up esmi. I’ll know not to do it again. Have a nice day.

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi @frankbukowski have you tested the latest version?

    Thread Starter FrankBukowski


    Hi mbrsolution

    No I was in kind of a hurry to get a security plugin in place when I needed it, 3 months ago, and when I hit a glitch with AIOWPS I installed Wordfence, and have gotten along fine with it since, so I’ve had no need to look at other solutions.

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