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  • When I first used WP Clone with moving a WordPress 3.5.1 to a new server as a test, it worked fine. But then I tried to repeat this process again, with the same host, and the same domain, and I keep getting this error “Error Message : MySQL server has gone away”. I tried all kinds of combinations: full backup, just database, using wpdb — all to no avail. What does this error mean? And why it worked the first time and now it’s not working?

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    I’m guessing a time out,but I’m not sure why (specially since it’s the same server).
    are you comfortable with editing plugin files?

    Yes, i’m comfortable with editing plugin files. any suggestions?

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    okay give this a try,it just might work;
    the file that needs to be edited is ‘wp-clone-by-wp-academy/lib/functions.php’,scroll down to line 460,or in case that there aren’t any line numbers,until you see
    function wpa_bump_limits(){
    add the below two lines just before the closing curly brace (or anywhere inside that function)
    @ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 300);
    @ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 300);
    you can use any value you like instead of ‘300’

    I’d tried that… Still no work…
    I even use value to be ‘999’ and later 3,000
    but still getting the same error Message : MySQL server has gone away

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    I feared as much,looks like there isn’t much to do until the db backup process is re-written to be more efficient..

    so, what next ?

    I just tried WP Clone for the first time to backup my site ( using Go Daddy hosting) and got the same error message (Error Message : MySQL server has gone away). My site isn’t that large (total size of WP files is about 275 MB) and the typical database backup file is about 20 MB). Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it appears that many other users have gotten the plugin to work well.


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    @jowaol1st unfortunately none,looks like we’ll have to re-write some parts to get it to work with these hosts..

    I just used WP Clone, for the second time ever. The first time, several weeks ago it went smoothly, no problems.

    Today when I tried it, I got the dreaded “MySQL server has gone away” … so I tried it a second time, without changing anything and this time it “appears” to have worked successfully.

    My reason for saying “appears” is that it did not give me an html message or any completion message for that matter… but it did create two files on my server. One called pclzip-522e02ddd6374.gz and a second one called I don’t recall it having created two files two weeks ago.

    By the way, I did use the “Advanced Settings” and checked the “Alternate Zip Method”.

    Can someone at WP Academy tell me why the second file.. and a guess as to whether the one or two files are actually valid?



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    pclzip creates a temporary file,but it deletes it afterwards.. the process must have gotten terminated in the middle of things,I think.



    Same problem!

    Been using this plugin on Bluehost sites flawlessly. Today I get this error message after trying to clone a site onto an inmotion hosting account.

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/*hidden*/public_html/*hidden*.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-clone-by-wp-academy/lib/functions.php on line 245

    Error Message : MySQL server has gone away

    Tried editing the plugin as described above. No dice.



    ** Update **

    I simply followed the directions listed in the ‘Advanced Settings’ dialog:

    Depending on your web host, WP Clone may not work for large sites. You may, however, exclude all of your ‘wp-content’ directory from the backup (use “Backup database only” option below), or exclude specific directories. You would then copy these files over to the new site via FTP before restoring the backup with WP Clone.

    So to reiterate:
    – Copy wp-content from OLD to NEW host
    – Select ‘Backup Database Only’ checkbox
    – Finally, proceed with backup

    Worked fine after this.

    My impression is WP Academy has no intentions of supporting what was one of the best utilities out there.

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    not at all jpw94,we’re not abandoning wpclone 🙂 but yes,development has been on hold due to unavoidable circumstances,but we’re planning on releasing an update to fix the performance issues soon.

    This Worked For Me:
    I had this problem as well and tried everything I could find here on the forums with no luck. Then I came across this article and it fixed it for me! WHEW! (it was for a client site hosted on GoDaddy and I was freaking out that it wasn’t working!):

    When I opened the wp-db.php file to make the suggested addition the directions in the article say it can be found around line 1057. I couldn’t find it near there so I did a search on the page for “db_connect_fail” and it took me to the right spot (which in my editor’s case was something like line 1175).

    Hope this helps, Cheers!

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