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  • Hi

    I just installed the plugin in a new website, not yest visible to the world but visible by a spoofsetting in the host file.

    I get this message. But the icons are in the folder and the folder exists.

    i did not move the website, nor did resetting to defaults also does not resolve the issue.

    pls advice.

    Leaflet Maps Marker Warning: the setting for the marker shadow url (http://mywebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons) seems to be invalid. This can happen when you moved your WordPress installation from one server to another one.
    Please navigate to Settings / Map Defaults / “Default values for marker icons” and update the option “Shadow URL”. If you do not know which values to enter, please reset all plugins options to their defaults


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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    the check for icons is based on the file readme-icons.txt in the marker icons folder (usually /wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons/) – if this readme-file is not there, this warning is displayed.

    ad Shadow url warning: might be due to the fact that your site is not visible for public yet. Please try for testing purposes to make your site available for a short time to see if this message is not visible anymore (which I guess)

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for the fast reply. the file is there with this content. I cant make it visible. because the domain name does not exist. Its just a spoof to build the website and from there transfer to the real location.

    i can even access the file on my system and open it by its link.

    can you please add the ability to turn off those messages? I wont want them all the time in my backend.

    thank you !!!

    Leaflet Maps Marker plugin uses map icons from the Maps Icons Collection by Nicolas Mollet (http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/).
    By default, a preselection of about 100 icons (from more than 700 available icons) has been added to the plugin.
    On first activation of the plugin, the zip-file mapicons.zip gets unzipped into the directory \wp-content\uploads\leaflet-maps-marker-icons
    of your WordPress installation (note: you might have to enter your ftp-credentials once depending on your configuration)
    If you want to add more map icons, please download the desired icons from http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/
    and upload them to the directory \wp-content\uploads\leaflet-maps-marker-icons



    you are using curl to check if the fileexists. Why not just use the php fileexists function like you do in the admin header.php?

    if ( ! file_exists(LEAFLET_PLUGIN_ICONS_DIR . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . ‘readme-icons.txt’) ) {}

    Best regards,

    This solves the issue.

    $shadow_icon_url_exists = file_exists(LEAFLET_PLUGIN_ICONS_DIR . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . ‘readme-icons.txt’);

    Best regards,


    i think i see the issue here. You are cheching for the marker-shadow.png in the plugin folder and reporting the wrong message for the shadow-url.

    it did set me completely on the wrong track.

    the %1 is reporting this (http://thewebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/leaflet-maps-marker-icons)

    whereas it should be reporting


    see the compatibility-check.php

    Best regards,


    if you set the check for the marker-shadow to

    $shadow_icon_url= WP_PLUGIN_DIR .’/leaflet-maps-marker/leaflet-dist/images/marker-shadow.png’;

    you can use the

    $shadow_icon_url_exists = file_exists($shadow_icon_url);

    and you dont need curl to acces that file.

    however the error message still does not match the actual file-check. I did not adjust that

    Best regards,

    Hmm that does not work when the user sets its own shadow icon….. brr

    ok i will remove the check in my spoof site only.

    Thanks for settings me in the right direction.

    It leaves you with the wrong error message the %1 to fix.

    have a nice day.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    thanks for analyzing – will check your suggestions.
    ad file_exists: this doesnt work for urls as far as I know and only for paths on server.
    Anyway: I will add an option to disable admin notices completely in the next release…

    Hi Robert,

    sorry for the spamming. It was my analysing process. Thanks for adding the option. I already grasped that the file_exist did not work because of the url-path which can be added in the option.

    But what if they dont have curl installed? i dont know if the get_headers function will be a better solution.

    Thanks anyway.

    have a great weekend for whats left of it.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    No need to excuse – this is no spamming for me – appreciate your infos.

    If not curl is installed, the check wont be executed. I already implemented this fall back solution with the latest release. I did quite a lot research and found the curl approach with checking for http status 200 the most efficient one for my solution.
    Ad get_headers: cant remember if I also checked this one. It seems that this would also work, but according to http://php.net/manual/de/function.get-headers.php (comment #2) this would be the slowest solution…
    best regards,

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