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[Resolved] Error Message! HELP!

  • I’ve just received the following error message when I go to view my site:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/content/93/9191793/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/headway/header.php on line 10

    The page is all white with this message in black at the top!

    Here is my page: http://ripe-cuisine.com/wordpress/

    Can anyone help me figure out what’s wrong and how to get my site back?!

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    Try deactivating all plugins (yes, all) to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s). If you can’t get into your admin dashboard, try resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin (read http://bit.ly/UhpkLl if you need help). Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    Try switching to the Twenty Eleven theme to rule out any theme-specific problems. If you can’t log in to change themes, you can remove the theme folders via FTP so the only one is twentyeleven. That will force your site to use it.



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    Did you try to modify something in your header.php file of your ‘headway’ theme?

    What you need to do is use FTP or your hosts CPanel to rename or remove the “wp-content/themes/headway” directory.

    This will “force” wp to reload the default theme.. and will allow you access back into your site.

    Thank you kmessinger and Josh for your suggestions, but I’m still unable to solve this problem.

    kmessinger- I’ve deactivated all my plugins, but the error message still appears… and I’m afraid of switching my theme as it will erase any changes/customizations I’ve made (right?) I’m currently using the Headway theme…

    Josh- I don’t believe I’ve modified anything in my header.php file because I don’t even fully know what that means…. all I’ve done is use the basic features of Headway such as add blocks, change fonts, add posts/pages, etc. I don’t know what FTP or my host CPanel is…. I host through Go Daddy but that is hosting a site I’ve made through my iWeb on my Mac. I haven’t “gone public” with this headway version yet

    I appreciate the help, but I’m afraid I’m so under-educated when it comes to WordPress/Web building, your troubleshooting suggestions are over my head. Anyway you can point be to some step-by-step instructions or “dumb down” your suggestions?

    Moderator kmessinger


    as it will erase any changes/customizations I’ve made

    It shouldn’t if built right. All the themes I know of and used retain the information. Try the preview button and see if the error shows.



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    What happens when you switch to the Twenty Eleven theme?

    In the edit post section of WordPress, when I press “View Post” I get the error message, I’ll try changing the theme and hope for the best…

    Okay switched to the Twenty Eleven theme and the site opened. Does this mean it’s a Headway issue and I should ask that support forum for help?



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    Does this mean it’s a Headway issue and I should ask that support forum for help?

    Yes. And yes. 🙂

    kmessinger and esmi thank you for your advice!!!! Posting on Headway’s forum now….



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    Glad we could help. I hope you get this sorted asap. 🙂

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    HTPP://WRAPPEDINJAZZ.COM is the website

    i am new to this forum and can not tell if help is coming my way..

    Moderator kmessinger



    It will be very unlikely you will find help when you post in someone else’s topic and the topic is marked resolved. BTW, all help is volunteer so it may take some time before someone comes by who can help with your particular problem.

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