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  • On my blog, on the web browser, in public view, I get a mysterious error from a particular post which consists of 4 .PNG graphics:

    Warning: (pjk) array_key_exists(): The first argument should be either a string or an integer in /afs/ on line 183

    That occurs four times at the top of the post, just below the title. Any ideas what is causing that error?

    The web page is located at:


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  • I disabled Photon from the Jetpack settings in the Dashboard to get rid of this issue. It was also resizing many of my images in posts to thumbnail size. When I disabled Photon the error messages and the resizing problem went away.

    Jetpack –> Photon –> Learn More –> Deactivate
    (It would be nice if a deactivate or disable button was next to each Jetpack feature instead of having to click “Learn More” to find it).

    Also from another thread:

    “This error displays if you have image in your content editor that has width and height defined.

    Until this if fixed just remove width and height from images in your editor and the error is gone.”

    On my site the error occurs when a post starts with a left aligned image, and text to it’s right.

    That’s clearly not the case on your site though, so perhaps it’s just an expansion of the reasoning reposted by ccoward. Any kind of image formatting makes it go haywire.

    Thank you! Disabling Photon did the trick!

    Why do you sound so pleased?

    That’s not a solution!

    The simple fact that the problem I discussed is no longer a problem qualifies as a enough of a solution for me. I frankly don’t care what Photon does, so long as people can see my photos as I intended for people to see them. The purpose of photon does not seem terribly tangible to me from its short blurb, at any rate. Is it some kind of caching service?

    It’s a cdn service, or content distribution network.

    Major sites use them to serve images and videos more quickly, from servers more local to the user, but that’s too expensive for anyone using WordPress.

    By WordPress offering the service Photon themselves, it makes it accessible to the likes of us.

    thanks worked for me.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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