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[Resolved] Error message for contributors who upload a file

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your very good plugin Vasyl !

    Using your plugin, i get the “upload file” permission to the “contributors”, but now they have a error message when they upload file : ” This file is empty (..) ” and tell something about php.ini and max_size etc … but all is right in my php.ini … and all others permissions (“autors”, “editors”, …) don’t have this message.

    So i give “publish_post” permission to the “contributors” and now they can upload … but it’s not the solution because “contributors” should not publish post for this use case.

    Thx you,



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  • Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi John,
    This is weird behavior but sometimes it relates to internal settings. So far it is hard for me to understand why Publish Post capability has impact on file uploading feature.
    I would try to create a new role and inherit capabilities from Editor Role. Then uncheck all capabilities that are not necessary.

    Try and let me know the result.


    Hello Vasyl,

    Thank you for your answer and for helping me.

    I have done what you advice me to do. I have create a new role with Editor capabilities and uncheck one by one until “Publish post” capability … witch is still bugging “upload file” capability.

    I don’t know what to do,


    Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi John,
    This is weird, haha. I’ll check the core to see why this might be a case and will come back to you soon.


    Hello Vasyl,

    Thank you !

    So i wait for you 😉



    Hello Vasyl,

    Some news about this bug ?

    Can you tell me if AAM “plus” allow to restrict publishing post for certain roles AND for certain categories ?
    For exemple i would like to disallow publishing post in category “A” for a first group of contributors, and allow it for a second group.
    Is it possible ?

    Have a nice day !

    Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi John Bee,
    I was not able to reproduce your scenario. This looks like really weird combination of settings and plugins. Still will big inside to understand what might be wrong.

    There is a capability Publish Posts that does not allow to publish any draft or pending post but AAM does not allow to control this behavior on category or post level. We had this restriction in legacy 1.x versions but excluded it from 2.x. So I believe it might be good to return it back.
    This will be a part of AAM Plus Package and will announce about it on our twitter channel.


    John, i have this exact same problem and no fix. Perhaps we should swap notes on the wp version and plugins we’re using? See if there’s something common.

    Hello Kevin,

    Yes, thank you for cooperating on this issue.

    I’m using the following plug-in (latest versions as WP):
    – Advanced Access Manager
    – Akismet
    – Broken Link Checker
    – Digg Digg
    – Google Document Embeder
    – Google xml Site Map V3 for qtranslate
    – Mailjet for WordPress
    – Wordfence
    – WP User Avatar

    And the Theme :
    – Striking Multifelx Responsive by Kaptilin

    Some comments :
    – I’have done some testing, and this “bug” is still busy with all plugin desactivated except for AAM.
    – In the basic WP (without AAM), contributors are not allowed to upload files AND can’t publish.
    – So i suppose WP is considering you can’t Upoad Files if you can’t publish post.
    – So when i define “Upload Files” without “Publish post” with AAM, i suppose there is a conflict with WP basics contributors capabilities.

    I suppose there is some trouble between basics WP core capabilities and AAM possibilities ?

    Best regards,

    Hi John,
    It could be a core issue. Another forum guy with a similar problem ended up modifying one of the wp-includes javascript files! I don’t want to do this. We run a custom genesis theme, and the only plugins that I have that are similar to yours are akismet, wordfence and the most likely one could be WP User Avatar? I will disable these and see if that fixes it.

    ps. I used user role editor and some custom functions to set the capabilities, not AAM.

    Looks like the WP User Avatar is the problem plugin.

    Ok, thank you for investigate.

    I’ll test it and let you know the result after i solve another misconfiguration with AAM.


    If you change some of the avatar default settings for larger files seems to help and reduce some of the errors.

    Plugin Author Vasyltech


    Hi guys,
    Thanks for investigation and updates. This helps a lot!


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