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  • Hi folks,

    I’m just creating my first WordPress plugin.

    When I set the error message level to everything (-1) in the module I’m getting some odd error messages:

    Strict standards: Declaration of Walker_Category_Checklist::start_lvl() should be compatible with that of Walker::start_lvl() in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-admin\includes\template.php on line 52

    As you would expect when I turn off strict errors it disappears

    When I alter the error reporting level in the config file to below I’m not receiving the strict error messages like above:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true); // false
    if (WP_DEBUG) {
      define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', false);
      define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true);

    As the error messages are strict the code will work fine but it has unsettled me a bit.

    Is this anything to worry about? What is causing it? I’ve searched for an answer on the net but I cannot find an explanation

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  • It’s simply stating:

    Walker_Category_Checklist::start_lvl(&output, $depth, $args)

    function does not accept the same arguments as it’s parent class


    It’s not the best programming practice, but it won’t make your site go boom boom or anything.

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