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    Since the recent upgrade to WP 3.5.1 and to Picasa Express x2, eventually also Picase and Google Plus Express, I’m getting following error when I try to insert an image or album into my pages:

    Error: Can not insert image(s) due wrong envirionment
    Check script media-upload.js in the parent/editor window

    While editing a page, I’m clicking the picasa icon next to “Add media”. A popin opens, logs me in and allows me to browse images and albums successfully. After selecting the desired image or images, the above error prompts when I click “Insert”.

    I’ve seen other posts on other forums on this issue, but no solution so far.
    I hope you can help.

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  • Plugin Author gjanes


    I cannot replicate this problem and I am running WordPress 3.5.1 and the latest version of the plugin. My only suggestion is to slowly disable other plugins and keep trying to insert the photos to see if you can find a plugin conflict.

    Hi gjanes,

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, disabling additional plugins did not help.
    The specific error message I’m getting is hardcoded within the plugin code itself though. You create an error array where the specific error message is declared. Note that in the error prompt I get I also see “envirionment” typo, so it’s truly this exception which is being thrown.

    $options = array(
    				'waiting'   => str_replace('%pluginpath%', $this->plugin_URL, __("<img src='%pluginpath%/loading.gif' height='16' width='16' /> Please wait", 'pe2')),
    				'env_error' => __("Error: Can not insert image(s) due wrong envirionment\nCheck script media-upload.js in the parent/editor window", 'pe2'),

    This array “options” gets declared in the “add_scripts()” function and is eventually used here:

    $wp_scripts->localize( 'pe2-script', 'pe2_options', $options );

    I’m not able to find out where it goes from there on.
    i.e. I don’t know where the env_error actually gets thrown …

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Plugin Author gjanes


    Thank you for the information, that is helpful. Can you provide me with information about your environment and browser?

    WordPress 3.5.1? MU?
    Anything special about your wordpress installation?
    Other plugins? (does this still happen if you disable all plugins?)
    Does the theme use a special jQuery or other library?
    Does the error occur if you switch to a different theme like Twenty Twelve?

    Thank you for the information.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    I was just able to get that error message you reported by clicking on the picasa icon to select photos *prior* to the page loading completely.

    This caused the page to refresh to the media upload albums listing instead of opening in the thickbox overlay. When I selected a photo in this separate window environment, it caused the error you are seeing.

    See if when you are receiving this error if it does indeed leave the admin or instead opens in the thickbox window. In addition, since the normal “Insert media” functionality works in the exact same way, I would assume both would have the same problem.

    Thanks you so much for your support so far.
    I’m adding some further information:

    • We’re on WP 3.5.1 in Dutch (NL)
    • I’ve tested andd found this behavior in Safari and Chrome
    • We’re also running CKEditor for WP, Google Analytics and Lightbox 3. Note that the issue remains the same when I disable these
    • I’ve tried swapping to other templates, but it did not resolve the issue

    Just now, I’ve tried again:

    • Open up a page to edit using Chrome
    • Waited for about 30seconds to make sure the page is fully loaded
    • Clicked the picasa icon
    • The pop-in appears and I can select images/albums
    • When I click “insert” within the pop-in, the env error gets thrown through a prompt

    Hope this gives you further insight. Please let me know if I can try any specific flows to assist in the debugging.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    I see that the default media upload is no longer using the thickbox method in WP 3.5, but I have a fresh install of 3.5.1 with no leftovers from previous versions of WordPress and I’m not having any problems.

    The only way I’ve been able to replicate this issue is by preventing all of the resources from loading before clicking on the picasa icon. I cannot replicate it in any other manner.

    Can you attempt to clear all of your cache and make sure that you have a fresh (non-upgraded) installation of WordPress and let me know if that makes any difference? Otherwise I’m stumped.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    I have updated the “Development version” on the “Developers” tab of the plugin page:

    The “Development version” *might* have a fix for this issue related to how the js files are loaded which are required for inserting images into the plugin. You might try downloading this version and see if it makes any difference.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    Any word on if the development version fixes this issue?

    Plugin Author gjanes


    Is anyone else having this issue? If so can anyone who is having this issue test the development version of the plugin and let me know if the issue goes away?

    I’d like to release another bugfix update, but I want this and the other open ticket to be included in it.

    I’ve experienced exactly the same problems as the other user. Gone through all the procedures, like disabling other plugins one at the time. The thing is, I’m suspicious whether this is about THIS particular plugin, or something else, because I got exactly the same phenomenon with the Flickr plugin I have.

    Right now, they’re both working fine if I post from the computer [not the iPad], AND I fill in title and a bit of text before I hit the Picasa icon. This is important, otherwise it won’t work. ALSO, I cannot go back and change picture in an older post …then it acts up the same way again … I.e. the, what’s supposed to be a pop-up window, turns into a page on top of the one I’m writing on. This happens in a split second. But again — BOTH plugins act in the same manner so I don’t know, and neither work from the iPad. But perhaps that’s a whole different issue, I’m not all that experienced user so I wouldn’t know what works and not from the iPad.

    Hope I made some sense with all this 🙂

    Plugin Author gjanes


    Does the development version of this plugin make any difference with those issues that you’re seeing? I’ll see if I can follow your steps and re-create the problem myself.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    I attempted to re-create the issues you are having by clicking the Picasa dialog on a brand new post before the title or permalink was set and still couldn’t replicate the problem.

    I just pushed the development version to stable version 2.2.3 which contains the changes to the queuing of the media-upload.js, please try 2.2.3 and let me know if this makes any difference.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    Is anyone who has seen this problem previously with this plugin able to test this plugin’s latest version to see if the changes I made make any difference to the issue?

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late response. I’ve been out for a little while and just now turned back.
    The developer version gjanes shared earlier did not solve the issue for me.

    Eventually, I’ve followed your suggestion to start from a fresh install and noticed the issue did not appear initially. I installed Picasa and Google Plus Express as a first plugin and lightbox as a 2nd. The issue did re-appear when I installed CKEditor for WP.

    I have left that CKEditor plugin out of my current setup and things work as expected.
    Hope this could also help you.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    I will add a FAQ entry for this plugin that mentions disabling the CKEditor for WP plugin may correct this issue.

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