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  • I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, version 4.4.1, and the platform I manage is a multisite platform. The problem comes when viewing a video in MP4 format that has uploaded, making the action, inside the site, go to Media> Add new and drag the file to upload it to the library’s media site. It does not give me any error in the upload, because the file is physically located inside the server file system. When I trie to view the video in a post or just visualizing it in the media library, I can not see this video, giving an “Error loading this resource” inside the embedded player that uses WordPress. This error only occurs with MP4 files video. When I upload images or MP3 audio files, I can see and hear perfectly.

    Viewing server logs, when I try to access the URL that hosts the mp4 video file, it gives a 404 error.

    That could be happening? Could the update to version 4.4.1 of WordPress?


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  • Same here. But I get a 403 Forbidden Error.

    Thanks to my wonderful webhost, there was an easy fix to this problem.

    Inside your upload folder (or one of the subfolders where your video’s are uploaded) there should be an .htaccess file.

    Options -Indexes
    deny from all
    <FilesMatch '\.(jpg|png|gif|mp3|ogg)$'>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all

    Simply add |mp4|m4v or remove the .htaccess file altogether.

    I have the same problem, but only on Windows servers. I have two dummy sites, both with WordPress version 4.4.2, one on a Windows platform, the other on Linux. The same MP4 file displays an error on Windows, but plays just fine on the Linux server.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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