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  1. icemanu
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello all,

    I have an error in rendering the homepage on my WordPress installation, when I try to use Permalink.

    My blog URL : http://www.costumes4us.com/

    I just put some debugging information on footer like the actual Request URL and other info received/processed by the WP engine.

    My blog is on a shared hosting with Godaddy Windows hosting hence running under IIS7.

    My custom Structure in WP Admin settings:
    Home page doesnt work ... all other pages work

    Home page works ... all other pages stop working

    Home page doesnt work ... all other pages work

    All WP files are under costumes4us folder, for example both of the below URL point to same readme.html:


    Let me know, if I can make any tweak in PHP file to make the home page render correctly. I strongly believe its possible because Home page renders properly with different Custom Structure, so just need to make an exception for that case. But I dont know which place to look at exactly as I am not a PHP expert.



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