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    This error occurs when working in admin panel. Is that error set in Itheme Security. Check out the site and everything seems fine.
    Then receive an email that notified you my IP was banned.
    “Dear Site Admin
    A host,, has been locked out of the WordPress site at http://www……..(my site) due to too many Attempts to access the file That does not exist.
    The host has been locked out until 03/04/2014 16:09:52.”
    After a few minutes, can enter the admin panel but if you want to install a new plugin, error 404 occurs.
    If you change something on a page and then want to see change after I save the blank page appears with “error”.
    I really do not know what happens after I updated the plugin iThemes Security.

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  • “error” is set in the settings of this plugin, by default it shows when you get locked out due to various reasons depending on your settings. Try resetting plugin database entries, if you’re comfortable with database.
    My instructions here:

    Thanks a lot Viktor. I followed the steps described adliteram you but I have a problem: when I try to find a plugin displays 404.
    This problem was also before coming reset Ithemes security plugin.

    I think however to uninstall and then reinstall the plugin but as I saw the forum as this is hard, what should I do? I think it’s safe to uninstall / reinstall would be useful for many people who experience such problems.
    What can I say, thanks in advance.

    Make sure your htaccess and wp-config do not have any extra code, I’ve seen others report issues with those.


    My apologies, however that is not an impressive response in the very least.

    there are many reasons there would be “extra code” in those files and should be taken into account by your software not your software users. as a matter of fact for many things “extra code” in these files is *required*. on the other hand adding “extra Code” is a solution to the memory problem the revised plugin introduced.

    and more technically there is really no such thing as “extra code” if it is deliberately placed and functionally useful.

    after the fourth update in two days it is obvious there are issues you are attempting to overcome, but the above solution is only a temporary fix at best.

    any security that blacklists an admin after back-end changes is noodled spaghetti code, not the fault or problem of the user. more testing less pushing the pro version until it is up for “release version” perhaps.

    please fix this promptly , and make it work too. there is no easy way to back out of your plugin now, we are counting on you to make it work out of the box.

    the above response is not acceptable, please try again.

    i do not wish to be harsh, but there are other issues, but this one trumps all other concerns, in spades.

    it actually allows a log back in after timeout period (even with “extra code” , but still that is not good enough as it is sporadic and random lockout at that. so it really has nothing to do with “extra code” as much as something you have started doing is not working as well as what did work fine.

    functionality before ambition please. you should allow for “extra code” in these files as administrators often require it..

    how about not blacklisting by user id? (as opposed to ip, since may ip’s are randomly assigned and from a security perspective ipv4 can be spoofed, and is therefore not that secure anyway).

    hope this helps put things in perspective.


    We solved both problems in the meantime.
    I uninstalled the plugin and I installed it again.
    About what you suggested, dear Viktor, I renamed the file first .htaccess in .htaccessold and installed a new file only original wordpress code. Then I returned manaly Ithemes security code and other codes that I had and everything is back to normal.
    What I noticed is that this wordpress plugin rewrite the original code and it can cause various errors, as we welcomed too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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