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  • Have you tried making sure the email is set in the users table and then using the forgot password link?

    I can’t remember specifically, but I think WordPress uses more than just MD5, but I am not positive.

    this is hard.

    i’ve tried the email to reset password and it send me the link and i input it. its never said password invalid.

    i just get user invalid.

    even when i click recover password, it says enter username or email. it doesnt recognise the username there either. *i just edited in phpmyadmin*

    every post i look at to fix this is either closed or hasn’t left me with answer that resolves.

    why doesnt wordpress or wp-login, recongise my username in the database? wp-config connects to the database as it sees my blog and displays post fine, just not username.

    thsnks for your suggestion websitezcom


    I am having this exact problem – has anyone found a solution?

    hi jody16,

    i didnt find a solution. i eventually had bitten the bullet and reinstalled wordpress.

    i had a plugin that backed up all my posts and did it regularly.

    so i unistalled through fantastico with my host.

    backed up all my plugins folder on the server

    then (although i was worried plugins i liked and spent ages finding wouldnt work with a new version of wordpress i just thought well i cant blog/post so somethings gotta give) installed wordpress latest version using fantastico.

    i then copied back across the plugins and thankfully they all seem to work so far.

    also, i use yourls to twitter i think it was called and that now ‘automagically’ as they describe it tweets. i know it is seperate but thought id mention.

    sorry cant offer more help.

    …oh and went to phpmyadmin and reinstalled the backed up posts.

    there were other files like hotlinked image cache HLIC and other associated files generated from plugins.



    I had the exact same problem and tried everything. Nothing helped though. As a result I reinstalled the WordPress blog and switched my webspace provider.

    I have an idea what the issue could have been, though. As I tried to alter my username in the database, I was unable to perform a SELECT query because I couldn’t allocate enough memory. If I can’t do that, how could my WordPress installation look up usernames? That’s right, not at all. Contact your database support team, just in case.

    I realised it too late, this post is just for future generations.

    Hi there

    I appear to be having the same problem, getting the message ‘ERROR: Invalid username or e-mail wordpress’.

    I can get on the blog as usual. Everything else works!

    I’ve looked in one of the .php files (wp-config.php) and the username is the same there (or at least it reads ‘username_wrdp1’). I’ve tried a variety of different configurations of the username – to no avail – I always get this message: ERROR: Invalid username or e-mail.

    What should I do now?



    Hi All,
    I am having the same problem. I repeatedly get the ‘invalid username’ error when I try to log in. When I try the forgot password function, it tells me there is no user registered with that email. Using PHPmyAdmin I am able to confirm both username and email. I also tried resetting the password there and encrypting using md5.

    I’m not sure why WP can’t look up things in the user table. As with others, the blog displays normally.

    I should also mention that my login screen appears messed up. The input fields are only 1 char wide. I haven’t logged in for several months, and am not sure what version of WP I’m running.

    If anybody finds a solution, I would love to hear it.



    I had the same problem.

    What worked for me was changing the admin user and pass through phpmyadmin and using that.

    Hope this helps.

    What is the phpmyadmin? I am having the same problem.

    Info about phpmyadmin here.

    Same problem…. I changed email, password, username to no avail. I even created a new user in the table… the login and password retrieval is still not recognized.


    If you use phpMyAdmin to view the entries in table wp-user, is there a record with the user_login of pain? The user_nicename probably is admin.

    It looks like a security exploit to me.



    hi – this is nearly so useful (as i cannot login suddenly but site is still up and looks fine), except my ever-so-carefully stored username and password for phpmyadmin does not work! Would it be possible to be shown exactly which file I need to edit, using my ISP’s basic file manager?
    Thanks – Matthew


    The WP username and password are not stored in an editable file. They are stored in a MySQL table.

    Your phpmyadmin username and password might be stored in the wp-config.php file. Try viewing it with your file manager.


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