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  • Hi,
    If i authorize the plugin with the app in develop mode, is working fine. The “authorize” button itself is working, the auto posting on Facebook is working, is visible for me, as an admin of the page, but not for others. So I have to make the Facebook app live.
    The moment I make the Facebook app live is not gonna post anymore, not even for admins, and when i authorize it it gives me this error.
    Thank you.

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  • As per new Facebook platform product changes and policy updates

    Apps in public mode no longer allow their admins, developers, or testers to access permissions or features that normally require app review. This affects all apps built after May 1st, 2018, immediately. Apps built before then will not be affected until August 1st, 2018.

    If you switch the app from live to development mode ,then it won’t show the invalid scope error and also posts will be auto published to Facebook,but the posts won’t be visible to others since the app is in development mode.These post will only appear when you make the app live.But switching app from development to public and vice versa is not a solution.

    Your app need to go through the review process for the scopes publish_pages,manage_pages and user_photos to work with the existing plugin code.
    We did submitted several apps to Facebook for review . If Facebook approves them, we will create a guide and update our instructions.
    Since submitting app for review is a complicated and time consuming task, we are working on alternative method.
    Thank you for the feedback and support

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    Thank you. I’m looking forward for a new guide.

    +1 looking fwd to updated instructions.

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