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    I’m trying to install PunBB or rather Fluxbb 1.2.20

    As I want to add my header I tried using a general WordPress include…

    ‘<?php require_once(“../wp-blog-header.php”);?>
    <?php get_header(); ?>’

    I ran into some problems and was told on their forum that I should use their include method. I did that, got the header to show but when I try to log into the forum I get this message…

    ‘Fatal error: Call to a member function set_prefix() on a non-object in /xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/phauxshow/wp-settings.php on line 212’

    That leads to this line of code…

    ‘$prefix = $wpdb->set_prefix($table_prefix);’

    All I really want to do is include the WordPress header in my FluxBB forum.

    Any thoughts?

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  • when you say header, you mean you want to include just the simple menu and so on, not all the functions that come with the header?

    than here is a solution

    you should search the forums before posting a question 🙂


    1. You should have read my post fully before suggesting I search the forums.

    2. You should never assume that because a person is posting a question that has already been covered that they haven’t searched the forums first.

    3. My problem isn’t that I don’t know how to include the header, FFS, I even include the code you pointed to IN MY POST. My problem is that WHEN including the code I get an error that I don’t understand.

    wow not trying to be mean, or anything, and i am not assuming anything, you should understand my position, today i have answered almost 10 questions that have had been answered numerous times on the forums,

    and i think you get this error because the forum system also uses this function and teh two are counteracting each other

    EDIT ok now i am more familiar with the problem, i read the forum at punbb
    and looks like they have a plugin for this, have you tried it?


    No one asked you to answer questions on this forum. You should try to understand the position of the people you are answering. In my case I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to get this software working.

    I use this forum as an absolute last resort (for obvious reasons) and I get you pointing me in the wrong direction whilst telling me I should have looked first!

    i do try to understand, because most of the time i am asking questions, but never have i been rude to my answers even tho their answers have been of no use at all,
    being rude will not get your anywhere, and once again i do see that you have been at it for a while since you have posted on flufbb’s forum, and they had directed you the the

    all i asked was have you tried it, just from your question i do not know your level of programming or anything about you, so its as if you call “dell” and they tell you to check the power plug on the computer, thats the same approach that i take, unless you tell me that you have checked the “power plug” how am i suppose to know?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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