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    I’m working with Ultimate Member 2.0 that is released recently, but when I try to install Ultimate Member Profile Tabs I get the error:

    “The Ultimate Member Profile Tabs plugin requires the Ultimate Member plugin to be activated to work properly. You can download it here”

    How can I get it work with version 2.0?

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    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Current version of this plugin is not compatible with UM 2.0 yet. We are in the process of making it compatible with UM 2.0, however there isn’t an ETA on this yet.

    Please contact us at if you have any helpful suggestions to make this plugin compatible with UM 2.0

    Thanks !



    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I will wait until it get compatible, since I don’t have the skills to do it myself.

    I hope it’ll get soon on the roadmap.

    Hi Guys,

    I have to wait too, like your plugin but now i like to use UM2.0. Hope you will be ready soon 🙂

    Thanks for your work and regards



    Do you have any ETA for this plug in to work for V2 ?




    Yes, this plugin and your other plugins please update to work with UM 2.0. I’m sure if you need help, Ultimate Member site would give direction.



    Think you need to make a list of all of us who want to notified as soon as you have 2.0 version available 🙂

    We can´t too update Ultimate Member plugin as all tabs dissapear.

    We installed in a testing subdomain and Ultimate Member Profile Tabs deactivated.

    Please, take care of this ASAP, as it´s not professional to have a plugin that it´s not compatible with the plugin that has being made to work for. We have being using your plugin for long and are very thankful!! But you have to think seriously about this…

    All of us, Ultimate Member users have the option in WordPress to update it manually to v2.0, others will have it automatically updated and new users will install directly the last version of UM 2.0, so your plugin will not be any more usefull and many of us (old users), will loose our PROFILE TABS installed.

    Calum, the developer of Ultimate Member, has being informing of this update since 6 MONTHS AGO. The normal thing would have been to talk to him, for when this day arrived, if there was interest for compatibility option and combination of both plugins.

    Hopefully, there will be and update from you very soon to make it compatible with Ultimate Member.

    Thank you for your time and dedication.

    Warm regads

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    Waiting for it too 😀 !

    Do anyone have news on the ETA of the plugin ?

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    Waiting for it too 😀 !

    Seems developer UPDATED it, now it´s compatible with Ultimate Member v2, but becarefull, al TABS loose permissions of access to determined members like: COMPANIES, MEMBERS, ADMIN and so lot, it looses al config, remmember before updating to check all this before, we updated it in a test subdomain and all this was gone.

    Remember too, to have installed the recommended plugin from Ultimate Member developer for updating his plugin: “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades”, or will face problems too updating it to v2.

    Good luck with all this easy… and hands clean process 😀

    Not working anymore, tabs do not show, even configurating them, just don´t show at all, totally missing with any version of Ultimate Member 2.xx

    Hopefully developers share an explanation on how to solve this problem, as seems no support at all for this plugin.

    At WordPress plugin developer says:
    Tested up to: 4.9.5, Ultimate Member: 2.0.8

    At developer website says:
    This plugin is not compatible with Ultimate Member 2.0 yet. We are in the process and will be released soon.


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