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  • Can you login and view the site without that theme being active?

    No, I just renamed the theme to make it default back to the default theme, I have a white screen when try and view the site and a broken link page when I try to go to

    I get a login here:

    And your site seems to be working fine. Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies or tried another browser?

    I guess I have to have the .php after it. Because it works when I type that. But still. It’s strange that I have to go into bluehost cpanel every day and rename my theme file.

    okay and when I just logged in, it just gives me a white screen again

    of course…until I just renamed my fuctions.php in my theme. So here’s what I am gathering. I have to rename the theme name and the functions.php every time I log back into cpanel

    I’m still not clear – does this only happen with that theme? Or does it happen with any theme, including twentytwelve?

    Have you tried deactivating your plugins to see if one of them might be the cause of this?

    I’m pretty sure it is only that theme. What started it was I installed a pluggin that messed it all up. So I deactivated all my plugins through phpmyadmin. Then things still weren’t working so I went to the error log and found that the error looked like it was in the functions.php so I deleted what the new plugin had added to the functions.php. My problem is I made so many changes to this theme I can’t just start from scratch again

    Do you have a backup of your site where you can get a copy of the functions file from before you messed with it? Or restore completely from the backup? Or download a new copy of the theme and replace the functions file with a new copy?

    Where is the theme from?

    It is from If I download a new copy, and replace the functions file…will it mess with any edits I made to the theme? like the header

    I really can’t make any guesses about that – I’d suggest you backup your site completely before doing anything more. If you’ve made changes to the functions file, it will wipe those, yes. Other files should be okay, but I can’t tell you that for sure.

    You should also be aware that that theme vendor has a very poor reputation, does very sleezy things, and does not comply with the GPL licensing requirements of WP. In fact, it’s possible that some of the problems you are having are due to bad things in the theme’s code. You would be best off by finding another theme ASAP. This may give you some additional info along those lines:

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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