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  • I’m having exactly the same error “Error in system please try later”. I’ve tried troubleshooting a lot but could not make it work. ( )

    My all incomming and outgoing emails are just working fine. Even if I use contact form, it still works. But this plugin seems to have issue.

    Thanks You for this plugin.

    Hello, i’m starting to get the feeling that you are not about helping to resolve this…not cool at all

    Yes I am getting this as well. Is it happening for everyone, the plugin can’t send email.

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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the delayed response as I was not available due to some medical issues. But now I am back and I would try my best to help you out. Having said so, I would really appreciate your patience.

    We have recently updated our plugin. As you all are facing the same issue, I would like to know whether you are using the updated version or not? If the issue still remains, please feel free to reach me.

    Once again apologies for such delay.

    Team DualCube

    Hello, I have this problem with:

    Woocommerce Catalog Enquiry 2.3.5
    Wordpress 4.7.2
    WooCommerce 2.6.14
    Php 5.6.16

    Hi. I’m having the same issue but I can provide more information.
    Firstly: WP 4.8 / WooCommerce 3.1.1 / Catalogue Enquiry 3.0.4

    The issue for me started after updating to WooCommerce 3.1.0 and Catalogue Enquiry 3.0.4 which was done at the same time. (I can however roll back to the earlier version of Catalogue Enquiry if you need me to test the earlier version on the later version of WooCommerce).

    We have a colour pickbox in the product. If you do NOT select a colour the form works fine and you are redirected to a “form sent” page and the email is received. If you select a colour, then the error message “Error in system please try later” is displayed, and the pages does NOT redirect to a “form sent” page, and you may or may not receive the email.

    I do have a “test” website where you can view and try this yourself, however, you will need to email me for the url as I do not want to post it here. I always update plugins and test on my test website before I update my live site.

    Is there any more information you need?

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    @radiusbenders Will you please provide us the link of the product so that we can look into this.

    Looking forward to your co-operation regarding the same.


    I just realised that this is posted in a thread that is marked as ‘resolved’. Should I post in a new thread?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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