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    Okay – No, I’m not advocating the use of IE here – but my client uses it, and so do the bazillions of surfers out there who don’t know any better.

    Here’s the issue:
    If you go here, in IE,

    Apparantly he’s seeing (on 3 computers) that when you scroll down to some of the longer articles, that the text goes missing when you scroll. He says, “the post “space age gastric bypass” does it the most at the end of the post”

    Here’s the problem. I don’t see that when I’m viewing the page on IE, unless I have say, a Yahoo IM window up over it, and then I minimize the IM window. The text that was behind it disappears until I scroll it out of view and back again.

    On TOP of this, there’s a message in the status bar that says “Error on page” on every page of the site, and I don’t know what the problem is…

    Anyone tell me if they pull this up in IE and see this stuff? And if you do, do you know why?

    FYI – It all works FINE in FF… the superstahhh of browsers.

    EDIT: ALSO – he’s got a few javascripts he needs on there – I know that js doesn’t work well with wp – but one of them is simply for the rounded corners on the sidebars and headers… that was the “nifty rounded corners” one too, supposedly meant for wp.

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  • Open the javascript console in FF, clear whatever’s there, then input the page addy in the “Evaluate” box. There’s a couple of things there you can check to see if fixing them will fix the error you’re seeing in the status bar in IE.

    The other sounds like the “peekaboo” bug maybe. Here’s what’s probably the definitive article on it:

    (I never have problems with js in wp…. I use gobs in various places, all works fine….)

    hmmm – i get a ton of errors using the javaconsole thing – but some of them are just like, css tag stuff

    i’m far from a pro with this, and i wish he’d get rid of the javascript all together… it’s one of my biggest problems with this site…

    Don’t worry about the css related stuff – why FF thought they needed to do that I have NO clue…. there’s a couple of js things in there with that though, and those might be why IE is throwing the status bar warning.

    but do you see the missing text thing when scrolling on IE?

    my problem is that it’s not happening on my computer, but it’s happening on my client’s computers… i can’t see it happening, so i don’t know what he’s talking about… 🙁


    and i’ve now removed ALL javascript things – EVERYTHING except a chat APPLET that’s running on it’s own page, and a BMI calculator that’s also running on it’s own page – and he says it’s STILL happening all over the site

    Um…. no, because I don’t surf to unknown sites in IE. So all I personally can do is tell you what it sounds like. What res are his monitors running, do you know? Sometimes the peekaboo bug is worse at lower res….

    Did he clear his cache and hard refresh after you tweaked?

    i removed all the scripts – one was for the rounded corners, one was for a live help support thing.

    now, in my version of IE – 6.0.2900.2180 with sp2 – i’m not seeing it.

    he says he’s using version 6.028 sp1

    could that possibly be it?

    it’s not the screen resolution – we’re the same.

    and it’s not the peekaboo – it’s slightly different than that… this is happening where the text disappears when he scrolls – it doesn’t “bounce” or anything like that… and it doesn’t change back when he refreshes (yes, he’s hard refreshing, and so am I)

    if it’s the versions of IE – that doesn’t help us any because the guy gets thousands of hits a week, with people using all different versions…

    UPDATE: he had a friend check the site, using the same version of IE as I am, and he says it’s happening on his computer too.

    Well, the differences between an sp1 version of IE and an sp2 version are maybe part of the problem. MS did some truly wonky stuff in there – I’ve got sp1 on my desktop, and sp2 on my laptop, and they’re really pretty different, and yes – sometimes the sp2 version does NOT deal with js etc. very well. It hasn’t been worth my time to beat it into submission because I don’t use anything but FF….

    Thing is, if the client and friend etc. are seeing the problem and you’re not (even when you and the friend have the same version of the browser), you’re going to have to probably go back to square one. Get some screenshots from them; if you don’t know what they’re really seeing, you don’t know where to start at all.

    I’m sorry I don’t have more help or good news for you….

    Um. And one more post for you to read:

    Don’t know if it’s related….

    ok – i added the “holly hack” and that didn’t work.
    i still have all the javascript removed – still not working.

    and this is all for him and his friend – i’m personally not seeing this happen.

    that last link deals with negative margins – i’m not using those, but thanks for trying with it.

    i’m killing myself here – other themes are working fine for some reason…

    I’m really sorry – I have run out of bright ideas…. Have you yourself run this on other machines, etc?

    I only have the one machine…

    And I appreciate your ideas – I’m just hoping that someone who might have run into this issue exactly themselves can help me out here…

    I fear there are too many comments on this thread to garner anyone else’s attention at this point, but I’m hoping for the best here… I’m about to lose it…

    Why don’t you post a screenshot and answer vkaryl’s questions about the screen resolution it’s happening in? Then MAYBE we can see what is going on . . . until you do all we’re doing is guessing, so it’s no wonder you aren’t getting any satisfaction with this. We can’t help you until you give us the information we need.

    Oh, and did you actually try the peekaboo fix? More possibilities here:

    And here:

    Didn’t happen for me, btw.

    I can’t post a screenshot – it happens for a split second, and it doesn’t happen to ME.

    I did answer her questions – it’s not the resolution – I’ve checked in all the resolutions… it’s still not happening for me.

    YES – I said I tried the peekaboo fix it’s the “holly hack” that was referred to in the first link I was given… – in fact, it’s still in the stylesheet as I type this. STILL DIDN’T FIX IT according to my client.

    Thank you for letting me know that it didn’t happen for you, and for the additional links – I will check them out.

    However I’m still hoping that someone will see this who had this very same problem and fixed it…

    I just checked it in IE. It looks fine. It’s not doing anything it shouldn’t do, or anything other than what it does in a real browser.

    I’ve got a couple thoughts here:

    1. Your client isn’t clearing the browser cache and hard-refreshing no matter what he’s telling you.

    2. Maybe you need to go LOOK at his screens to see what he’s seeing.

    As for hoping someone who’s had the problem will come along to help you out: I’ve been around here for a year. I’ve not seen this problem before posted here (at least not in words identical enough for google’s search to turn anything up). I just did a half dozen differently-worded fairly specific searches again, and didn’t find a darn thing.

    If it were me, I would do what I always do when confronted with this sort of thing: load it up online in at least three iterations (one vanilla, no js etc; one with the more-innocuous js – like the rounded corners thing; one with everything he expects to see), grab my laptop, and head for the client’s place of business, take a look at his in-place screens, fiddle with his settings (for instance, what sort of security, firewalls, etc. does he have in place?), show him what it looks like on the laptop….

    Remote troubleshooting sometimes just does not get it.

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