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    It seems I can not set the SMTP gateway to work properly. I got the following error:

    bm, [19.11.20 13:48]
    Expected response code 354 but got code “503”, with message “503-All RCPT commands were rejected with this error: 503-“Your IP: : Your domain bouncehandler.getwemail.io is not 503-allowed in header From” 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA “.

    Additionally, if Sendgrid gateway is selected I have a nearly 50% bounced rate each time.

    Any advice on solving the issue would be highly appreciated.


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    Hi @mazharul

    Thank you for still gettings your messages.

    Here is the answer from the hosting company:

    At the moment, there are such details set up in your "weMail" plugin: https://img.namecheap.com/jArRyaXF3PGTFMDxzm53GE.png
    It means that currently, the email address dotcheva@decrescendo.net is set up to send emails from your website.
    The settings specified on the screenshot are correct, however, they are correct for this email address to be in use only.
    In case the email address in use should be bounce@getwemail.io, it will be required to use such setup for the SMTP connection: https://img.namecheap.com/fvUhwCXyyPhfDodm7es3GX.png
    Unfortunately, as the domain is not hosted with Namecheap and is using Gmail as email service, it will be required to contact their assistance in order to resolve the issue.
    Also, in order to assist you with the request about the domain being whitelisted, please specify where it should be whitelisted so we can do it for you.
    Additionally, please specify the page this contact form is set up on your website so we can test it on our side and proceed with further investigation.

    I am starting to think you never intended the SMTP gateway to work!
    Or it is half baked done.

    Where in your documentation is written I have to whitelist the certain domain and email for the plugin to work?
    What the bounce@getwemail.io or getwemail.io are doing when sending through my domain?

    You insist the SMTP provider did not whitelist your domain.
    Well, I will appreciate it if you enlighten me on how?

    No, seriously these are my last tryouts solving the issue, then I will look for other possibilities sending emails.




    Hello @betamovement

    I am sorry for the late response. The reason behind of late response is that I have tested all the major SMTP and all of them are working as they should. In the meantime, I made a video guideline of how you can use the Gmail SMTP server with weMail. You can check that guideline from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VvStqSAoBQ

    So, it is confirmed that you can use any reputed SMTP with weMail, sometime you may be required to whitelist the bounce email: bounce@getwemail.io

    Yes, at this time we do not have such a doc but I have informed our team about it and hopefully, very soon our team will take the necessary steps to make a doc available regarding this.

    Now, I would like to inform you that choosing an SMTP for email marketing is not suitable in many cases. Because SMTP unable to perform sending bulk emails like SendGrid, MailGun, on top of that SMTP has other limitations too. That’s we highly recommend considering Email Sending Gateways like SparkPost, SendGrid, PostMark, MailGun, Elastic Email, Amazon Ses.

    Still, if you are facing the issue after whitelisting the weMail’ bounce handling email let us know how we can reproduce the scenario that you are having.



    Hello @betamovement

    We’ve not heard back from you in a while, so I’m marking this thread as resolved.

    Hopefully, you were able to find a solution to your problem! If you have further questions, please feel free to open a new topic.

    Thank you.

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