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  1. kass1013
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    Today I moved a WordPress site I built to my WordPress Multisite domain, "mainsite.com". I had no problem exporting and importing the files. Everthing worked beautifully and it only took a few clicks to set up to theme and plugins that I had on the old site.

    This site was at domain "othersite.com", and after the import, I noticed that I had set it up at mainsite.com/othersite instead of othersite.com.

    I went into the Sites tab on Multisite to change the domain and remove the subdomain path. This seemed to work. But when I typed the URL in my browser, it said "Google cannot find comothersite". I did this twice. I didn't type "comothersite". Something in WP is transposing the com to the front of the URL for some reason.

    Is this a bug that can be fixed? Or am I changing the domain name in the wrong place?

  2. Or am I changing the domain name in the wrong place?

    You're changing it in the wrong place.

    Change it back.

    Install http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping/

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