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  • I have an error in the last5 view in the standings template.

    The query contains a portion of code in the /lib/league.php file on line 1226:
    “DATE_FORMAT (date, ‘%%Y – %%m – %%d %%H: %%i’)”

    This code is passed to the function $wpdb->prepare(); and becomes like this:
    “DATE_FORMAT(date, ‘{8e41536cbe743622d138ae292b01ee2dde0b0c81177e9ede50846ca32ac9a3f8}Y-{8e41536cbe743622d138ae292b01ee2dde0b0c81177e9ede50846ca32ac9a3f8}m-{8e41536cbe743622d138ae292b01ee2dde0b0c81177e9ede50846ca32ac9a3f8}d {8e41536cbe743622d138ae292b01ee2dde0b0c81177e9ede50846ca32ac9a3f8}H:{8e41536cbe743622d138ae292b01ee2dde0b0c81177e9ede50846ca32ac9a3f8}i’)”

    (I simply echo of $sql value to view on screen the query, before and after the prepare).

    Obviously the function extracts and shows incorrect values.

    Has anyone already had the problem?
    How can I fix it?

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