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  • Hi,
    first, congratulation for your plugin. It is very simple to use and very powerfull.
    I think there is an error in “DECIDE WHERE POPUP WILL BE DISPLAYED”.
    I`d like show the popup in all my pages excluded in the “login page” and in the “register page”.
    In the login page the popup is not showed by default, so it is ok.
    In order to don`t show popup in “register page” I have selected the checkbox:
    and I have gone to select the pages where I don`t want show the popup.
    (pages showed in the windows below the options:
    But when I select the page where I don`t want show the popup, automaticaly the checkbox goes from
    to the checkbox
    I don`t know if it is an error, or no…
    Maybe it is not an error, so the list of pages only runs for the option “ONLY SELECTED PAGE”, and doesn`t run for the option “NO PAGE”.
    If it is not an error, my question is:
    why do I create a popup and I show it in neither of pages (NO PAGES)?
    Maybe it is only for to create a draft. Ok it could be usefull.
    But it is more important to give at the administretors the option in order to show a popup in all the web, excluded in some pages I select.
    So, if it not an error, I suggest to add this feature, because it is very interesting to exclude some pages where I dont want show the popup.
    I hope you understand me.
    I am going to buy PRO VERSION, but I need you corige this ERROR, or if it is no an error I need you add this very simple but very efective feature (to exclude page I select).
    I hope your answer, and I hope you can do that.
    Thanks very much for your support.

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  • Hi, maybe you are thinking in a very simple solution:
    1- Select the option “Only selected pages”
    2- Select into the windows all the pages listed, but don`t select the page where I dont want show the popup (in my case register page).
    It is a very simple solution, but if I use this solution the popup will not be showed also in:
    – Individual articles/post in the blog
    – Others “customs posts type” (in my web , and in a lot of others webs, there are others post type that there is not only articles of a blog).
    For example you can see my web. You can see other pages like the following:
    This pages there are not listed in the windows below the options:
    So I can`t use the solution I describe in this post, because if I select all pages, excluding for example “register page”, automaticaly will be excluded also a lot of others pages.
    I hope you understand me…
    I hope your answer.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Hi Giuseppe,
    thank you so much for congrats. Unfortunately, “no page” means you don’t want the popup to be shown on your website. To solve your problem you need to select “only selected pages” option and make a multiple selection (if I understand correctly, select all the pages except the registration page). About PRO version,it currently provides some easy ways to make multiple selection: i.e. shows the popup on the pages / articles of a specific category or taxonomy:you may download the free trial to see if this solution can solve you the problem immediately.
    However we will develop this feature as soon as possible. Thank you for the helpful suggestion: we really appreciate that you help us to improve our plugin!
    Best regards

    Hi, I have download ITRO POPUP MARKETER (free trial), and I have test it.
    I use the plugin GEODIRECTORY (
    With it, I can craete several POST TYPE, and into each POST TYPE I can create CATEGORIES. So I can create RECORDS / LISTINGS /POSTS and for each of them I can introduce TAGS.
    I add picture:

    I have to do a test.
    If I select show pop up in all pages, Itro plugin show the popup in all the web, also in the pages created with Geodirectory.
    But if I select show pop up in special POST TYPE, CATEGORIES or TAGS of GeoDirectory the pop up in this pages of Geodirectory is no showed.
    So, I think it is not 100×100 compatible with GEODIRECTORY.
    Can you tell me if it is so?
    Thanks for your support.

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