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  • Resolved jjgarcia83


    Hello guys,
    I have been using the OceanWp theme for a long time in my development, but I had not encountered a flaw similar to this.

    When I import any free demo, it doesn’t show any errors but the site looks bad. Here the example: Example

    • The site is new without plugins (except elementor)
    • PHP 7.2 (I have tried 7.3 with no results)
    • define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’) in wp-config.php

    I don’t know what else to check. Could anyone help me please


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  • Kyle Finazzo


    Does this happen to you only with OceanWP, or also with other themes?



    Thanks for answering.

    The width of the main container is set to 1200 px.

    It strikes me that in the browser inspector, the div, h1, h2 … do not contain classes. Something is happening with the .xml file when importing the demo?

    Problem persists



    It only happens with oceanwp.

    I tried other themes and I have no problems.

    Kyle Finazzo


    Yes … I think something is causing the Theme Headers to fail. Try disabling all plugins, with the Ocean theme installed and see what happens next.



    It is a completely new installation of wordpress, without plugins (there is only elementor).

    user: jjgarcia
    password: ad1234.

    I really appreciate your help

    Thank you



    Dont share your login credentials, use this plugin to generate a temporary login without password:

    PHP 7.2 is deprecated, you need to enable PHP 7.4 with WP 5.5.

    Kyle Finazzo


    Hi (@ jjgarcia83) … I never said I wanted your username and password to enter your site. Delete your credentials immediately.

    Then disable elementor.

    Have you installed (Ocean extra)?




    The formatting issue, or your page appearing broken upon installation, I would suggest you do a WordPress Reset, if the website is new and without any of your content.

    Once you install all plugins, roll back Elementor version via Elementor > Tools > Version Control, and roll back to 2.9.13.

    Afterwards, import the demo and there should be no problems at all.

    Once done, you can update Elementor to the latest version.

    And, of course, if you do get stuck with this, please let us know.


    Fixed with @ abhikr781’s recommendation.

    Thanks a lot to everybody who help me.


    Glad to hear that issue has been fixed.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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