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  • Hello,

    We’re using WP Migrate DB version 1.0.2

    It has been working fine, and a couple days ago mysteriously quit working. When I attempt to backup (no find / replace, and checking and unchecking various options) the backup begins, then about .02 seconds in fails out with the following error:

    Migration failed
    Failed to save migration state. Please contact support.

    This happens whether I tick the box to save the migration profile or not. This also happens after deleting all of the saved profiles in the Saved Profiles screen, as well as deleting all of the saved profile options in the Save the migration profile section, starting from scratch, or starting from a saved profile.

    I can deactivate and reactivate the plugin, but I cannot delete it. This is on a production version blog, so I cannot deactivate all plugins and themes. I cannot recreate the issue in our dev or staging environments.

    My next step will be to work with our production team to delete the plugin via ftp, then reinstall, but I’m curious if anyone has experienced this and knows of a fix?


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  • 360path



    Had the same problem. Turned out the database got corrupted somehow, some (or all) tables had lost their primary keys and indexes. I managed to restore the schema using a backup (keeping the current data in the tables). After that WP Migrate DB worked normally again.



    Eek. I wound up getting a backup out when I switched off the option that normally disables plugins (so that plugins are enabled). Suddenly the database exported. Very strange.

    I pushed it into a development clone WordPress site and the database seems fine. Exports fine. This is in a MAMP environment (our production build that is giving us so much trouble is up in an Azure environment).

    I will see if when we push our new builds up to production again whether it mysteriously starts working again. Thanks for the input @360path

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