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    Usando el plugin en modo producción, Checkout Básico, iframe, la gente quiere pagar y en el checkout, en vez de tomarles el email de ellos, toma el que tengo registrado en mi cuenta de Mercado Pago. En el proceso final de ingreso de datos, les aparece este error: “Estás intentando pagar con la misma cuenta que recibirá el dinero”.
    ¿Qué podrá ser?

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    Plugin Author Mercado Pago


    Hi german71,

    Your Mercado Pago buyer account and Mercado Pago seller account are the same. This can occur in basic checkout if the credentials (client_id, client_secret) set in the seller admin page refers to the email of the buyer that is logged in Mercado Pago window. If you take a look in the right-above corner of the window, you’ll see the email. Much probably this email is the same as the one that is the owner of the MP admin credentials. Please, to do the test, logoff that account and log-in with another account. In resume, an account can’t buy stuff from itself.

    Best regards!

    Thanks for the answer. The strange thing is that the buyer is not me, is not using my email for logging and also doesn’t have a MercadoPago or Libre account. (Is an old lady, indeed).

    Plugin Author Mercado Pago


    Hi german71,

    That’s really strange indeed.

    Can you please verify which payment method (credit card, ticket, etc) your customer selected in the checkout iframe? Also, can you send me ( the logs that this transaction has generated?

    I’ve just made a test purchase here, and was not able to reproduce your problem. Does this old lady share the computer with you? I’d like to remember you that WordPress can persist its users sessions as logged. So, if you have previously logged with your account, shut-off the computer without logging off, and then the old lady entered the store page, she can be trying to buy stuff with your user mail.

    You’ve marked this topic as [resolved]. Have you succeeded resolving this issue?


    I marked one of two simmilar topics as resolved, Marcelo, but taking in consideration we’re following here, I answer in this thread:
    The user tried to use, according to what she said, a credit card. The old lady doesn’t share any pc with me. She lives more than 200 km from here.
    I sent by email the logs of the buying tries she did.
    Regards, Marcelo!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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