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    Looking to do a blog and was impressed by WordPress’ features in addition to the “five minute installation.” Had to know that was too good to be true, but I suppose it could have been harder. 😉


    I use Speakeasy as my DSL and web hosting provider. I got them to provision MySQL and even the subdomain I needed, but when I try to run the installer I get the aggravating “error establishing database connection.”

    I did determine that the MySQL databases at Speakeasy are not hosted via “localhost” but changing it to the proper reference didn’t help. I’m at a loss, and Speakeasy, while helpful, can’t be expected to debug it beyond what we’ve tried already (though the ticket is still open, they may yet come up with something).

    My Domain:
    WordPress Location: (also

    Config code:

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘xxxxxxxx_quosig_db1’);
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘xxxxxxxx’);
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘xxxxxxxx’);
    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);

    They also gave me a specific port number, just in case, so I also tried that:

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘xxxxxxxx_quosig_db1’);
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘xxxxxxxx’);
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘xxxxxxxx’);
    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);

    Where “x” is a placeholder for the real info.

    I tried a search of the support areas for Speakeast-specific info, but the two I found were far more advanced subjects, stuff I haven’t even gotten to. 😉

    I didn’t see anything in the install instructions mentioning any special procedures to installing WordPress in a directory ( or, but maybe I missed something?

    Is there anything I need to have Speakeasy do that might fall outside normal security measures? Is there something I can do manually? I don’t seem to have these “cpanel” things mentioned, so I may have to relay requests via support, so details are everything.


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  • Can you log in to your database via phpMyAdmin (or a tool / admin utility like that).

    I would first make sure, that the db is accessible (with the given name/user/pwd/host) at all and then go into details …


    How would I go about doing that?

    Remember, I’ve never used MySQL before so this is all new to me and explicit instructions are the most helpful.

    I’ve never been done wrong by Speakeasy so at the moment I can only take their word for it that it’s set up properly.


    Sorry, but I have no idea, how it all works at Speakeasy, some providers provide an administration tool for the database (to look into or change the db).

    Can you look for something like that in the support area of Speakeasy ?

    Just tried that, nothing. Going to ammend the support ticket to see if they have an access tool of some sort.

    Basically I have their “SysAdmin” package. Unlike every other ISP I’ve had, Speakeasy allows a great freedom to do thing as if the servers were mine, or my DSL line as if it was mine. This works for me most times, I can do stuff PacBell, Verio, and others would never let me do (or charge me an arm and a leg for). But times like this it works against me since while I’m not afraid to tinker and get my hands dirty doing code and command line stuff, I’m on my own…it’s assumed I have a clue.

    Don’t get me wrong, Speakeasy has hand-held me on a number of occasions for standard stuff. The road block I’m hitting here is WordPress is not something they support directly. I can see their point: here’s your database, do what you want, and have fun…but we’re not going to troubleshoot your code and software choices unless it might be a problem with our servers.

    Which means if there is some “standard” way to access the MySQL database remotely, that’s probably how it works. *shrug*

    You can give phpMyAdmin ( a try. It is usually easy to install (just unpack it, it’s based on php) and you can connect to the server …

    Stupid question, but again, MySQL newbie here:

    Where do I install it…on my hosted web space? What directory?

    (If I have to install it locally bear in mind I’m on an OS X Mac.)

    Based on the experience of months spent around here, when a user “swears” that all the four pieces of info in the wp-config file are correct – they never are 🙂
    So, before jumping into adventures with new software and stuff… I’d strongly advise to review (and double, triple re-check!) what is in the wp-config file and what was the info the host provided; e.g. everything is case sensitive.

    Or, if you want, you can contact me by email and I can take a look at it – moshu at transycan dot net

    I’ve re-checked that file like 10+ times now. Even copy-n-pasted the server, login, and password information from the support e-mail, checked for extraneous characters, etc. The error page from WordPress even gives the right database information back (so it’s looking for what it should be).

    As someone who provides tech support (albiet on Macs, but we all share the same headaches with users…PEBCAK! RTFM!), I usually only resort to tech support myself when it’s truly a stumper. 😉

    [And a second reason I chose WordPress…forums like this. My goodness y’all respond fast!]

    I’m just in new territory…PHP and MySQL are things I’ve been wanting to learn, so Trial by Fire time…

    Installing it is just copying the files to any directory in your webspace, open and change the following lines:

    $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘’;
    $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘user’] = ‘youruser’;
    $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘password’] = ‘yourpwd’;

    As far as I remember it, that’s all … then you can start it by

    If that works and you see the database name given by your provider: great !

    BUT: make sure, you delete phpMyAdmin after your test or make the path only accessible by yourself, because with that tool, you can change anything in the database !

    I think, it will be best to try and get support more personally by email as moshu suggested. Maybe a look into the config is enough …

    One funny point of failure. My former provider gave me username, password and database name, and I filled them in wrong, because the userid was DBsomething and the db-name was Usomething … that took me quite some time 😉

    Good luck.


    Well I tried phpMyAdmin from here, but got an access error. Going to try again when I get home since I know Speakeasy does not allow some of these security-sensitive operations from outside their network.

    I’ll keep an eye on this forum for further insights and report back any next steps from Speakeasy.

    They guy handling my ticket with SpeakEasy found he couldn’t access it manually either so it’s going back to engineering for troubleshooting. So looks like *I* didn’t do anything wrong but the setup is a bit wonky.

    Oh, and SpeakyEasy doesn’t offer cpanel or the like. As I suspected, I can use whatever I want…they pointed me to MySQLAdministrator.

    Will keep y’all posted.

    Leave it to my luck…the engineering folks who created the SQL database can’t even get into it. Must have gotten set-up wrong or corrupted. LOL. They should be nuking it soon and trying again. 😉

    Connection established, yay! But new problem, starting new thread for that.

    Congrats !

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