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  • OK, I’m a total noob and this is my first try at a site on my own.
    got my site and ftp, hosting is done by godaddy (did free hosting for now).
    Downloaded WP and uploaded contents to my ftp. Changed the wp-config.php file to reflect my db name, db password, and db host.
    But when I go to I keep getting the error message.
    I’m wondering if there was step that I missed? Is it because I have free hosting? went to phpMyAdmin but I dont understand any of it, but I think it’s working allright.

    any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Free Godaddy hosting, if a linux plan “kind of works” but not very well.

    You didn’t say you created the database — Godaddy’s database and database user are the same I believe.

    yep, created 2 databases. did the 2nd one after the first repeatedly failed.

    Then if you created the database, you defined the DB_NAME which is also the DB_USER, you assigned the DB_PASSWORD, and after the database was created Godaddy would have reported the DB_HOST value. So make sure wp-config.php has those values.

    Also remember Godaddy has the Hosting Connection option of setting up a WordPress blog via a ‘one-click’ kind of affair.

    I am having the same problem. I am not using go- daddy.

    This is the error message I am getting.

    “This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 39 at column 12: error parsing attribute name”

    I do not know what to do next…

    Bluesssman – that’s a different problem so please start another topic.

    I added the host value, still not working.

    Do you think it’s the free hosting that is the problem? Maybe the quality isn’t there to let me do this?

    I’m kind of stuck here, dont know what to do.
    Is there a tech support I could call? Someone to walk me thru this?

    ok ppl –

    listen for all those go daddy customers – i think the problem is simple – call me cynical but hey ….

    I installed it , first time easy peasy ok – in like 5 mins bang – very happy .

    I am now returning to install it for the 2nd time ok ; and have hit more problems than a GLASS HAMMER lol.

    Can not establish a dBase connection – always – check and check and check everything a million times over and it still does not work .


    Ok godaddy has only recently added the WORDPRESS feature to it service…. hmmmm lol

    before everything worked great – u set up a dBase + user -upload the WP files via FTP or whatever – on a free hosting account or a dedicated one with or without them , and it was all groovy .

    Now GODADDY have added this WordPress feature – for which they get money from – it does not work .

    I have for the record – got some PHO developer here and he cant work it out either –

    i reckon it an easy was for godaddy to actually make more money by disabling the ability for the dBase to work when they know it is for wp

    or is that me just being crazy – cos things like that never happen huh

    oh yeah and there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq too huh –
    yeah ok

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    dam waste of time

    By pissing and moaning in two different threads, you’ve wasted lots of other peoples’ time, too.

    Have you checked your GoDaddy hosting control panel section for adminstering the MySQL database and looked for your correct MySQL server URL, i.e. in the form “”?

    hey apologies – songdogtech .

    “” – that would be for free hosting with Gdaddy right ?

    I using Vdedicated on RED HAT / Linux .

    Set up as per – tamba2 explanation done it loads of times B4 and for some reason not working this time ?

    CHECK ; new dbase + user – uploaded all to sub dir , change the config file according to the plesk set up – and not working

    i thought maybe could be problem with the naming in the httpdocs / sub dir –

    i used blog ( to test it ) as dbase name –

    so i created a sub dir called blog –

    that where all WP content went and updated config file – deleted the sample config file .

    then with browser – pointed to :

    still getting dBase error notice

    if you have any ideas and will take an apology for moaning songdogtech – that would be great


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    My point about GoDaddy MySQL servers URLs is the same for free, paid or virtual servers: it’s a common problem for people using GoDaddy thay they don’t know their database server address and don’t have it correctly entered in wp-config.

    Use PHPMyAdmin to check your database name. PHPMyAdmin should be in Plesk or in the main GoDaddy hosting admin section. It’s in my (non-virtual server) paid hosting for one of my sites.

    thank you for reply –

    I think i am in that common problem then –

    I have V dedicated – for one domain ( not up yet )

    Paid for – as in max plan could get year in advance – has everything isnatlled you can buy off the ppl on the telephone – so i dont think it has anything missing – all of the programs and icons are ” live ” .

    I went into PHPMyAdmin – fromt he plesk control panel – I can see the Dbase I set up ..

    it is called “bar_pub_club”

    it shows in plesk + phpmyadmin .

    all codes are correct in wp config file .

    sub dir is called bar_pub_club ,

    browser pointed to


    we do not get error message – we just get BLANK page ?

    really value ur time here man – serious thanx

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    Well, we’re getting somewhere. Reuplaod all your wordpress files into bar_pub_club and see what happens.

    Problem is you already tried to install in another directory and that URL may be stuck in the database and we may still get error(s)…..


    thanx 4 reply :

    yes think something is happening …hence the stuck page right /

    deleting old files in the sub dir ..and re uploading –

    wilk keep yo u in loop and buy u best xmas present ever if it works



    I love you man – u r a superstar – it worked

    big big love and sorry for moaning earlier lol


    ps – what do you want for christmas lol

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