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  • Hey

    I recently installed wordpress and everything was fine. I started tweaking and got a new theme, this also went fine. However I made a new post, did an ‘about me’ page and the next day I get the error in the title. (error establishing database connection)

    I watched a bunch of youtube vids that try and fix it. Went through everything in my config file and its all fine. I cant understand how it would be an error in the config file since the blog was working fine for the few days i had it running. So after double checking everything I still cannot find a solution. I went into phpmyadmin through my host and looked at my database. I dont know much about SQL but all my posts and tables were there looking ok. Any help here would be appreciated as from installation to this has been such a struggle I just want to get this blog up and running.

    Is it possible that the new theme could cause this? Even though it worked temporarily. The theme is called Eos by SRS solutions.

    Hope someone out there can help!

    Oh and my address is

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  • Contact your web host to see if they are having any problems and to see if any of the values you need to use in your wp-config.php file have recently changed.

    Yeah did that they said nothing was wrong. config file is fine. any other ideas? I really dont want to install everything again.

    Check your wordpress files, your system might be infected with malwares that steals your ftp password and create alteration on your wordpress blog..

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