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    I am completely new to wordpress and am looking want to use it through adobe dreamweaver. I followed all the steps in the following tutorial for that ( but I am stuck on a step where I need to connect wordpress with the database I just created. I keep getting the error: Error establishing a database connection. I don’t know why because I followed all of the steps in the tutorial.

    I have seen other topics covering the exact same problem but still don’t know how to solve this. If hope someone here can explain the solution to me in an easy to understand language.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check your database details with your hosts.



    But I’m just trying to run a free wordpress website. I have tried to change the wp-config-sample file but after that it still didn’t work. I really don’t know why I am not able to connect to the database. I really want to get this thing to work but I don’t know how to fix this. Any help will be much appreciated.



    But I’m just trying to run a free wordpress website.

    Is your site hosted on WordPress.COM? If so, you’re on the wrong forums – and you cannot modify any files on .COM hosted sites.

    Support is here:



    As per that tutorial, which local server are you using, XAMPP or MAMP?

    … with the database I just created.

    This would infer that you have whichever local server up and running and you have accessed phpMyAdmin to create the new, empty database.

    Keep in mind that the default installations of these local servers have specific credentials for the database user and password; you do not have a choice to enter your own values during the WP installation.

    That said, the defaults for XAMPP are:

    Database User: root

    Password: <empty> NOTE: do not enter ANYTHING for this value

    The defaults for MAMP are:

    Database User: root

    Password: root

    So, start the WP install again, and click the ‘Create a Configuration File’ button when prompted on the first screen. At the next screen, click the ‘Let’s go!’ button. On the following screen, enter these values:

    Database Name: whatever you entered in phpMyAdmin

    User Name: root

    Password: <empty> for XAMPP, root for MAMP

    Database Host: localhost for XAMPP, localhost:8889 for MAMP

    Table Prefix: accept the displayed default

    Click ‘Submit’

    You should then get the ‘All right, sparky!’ screen … click ‘Run the install’

    On the next screen, fill out as required. Note that THIS is where YOU set the login to your WP site! 🙂 The previous one is for the DATABASE! 🙂 Complete and click ‘Install WordPress’. You should then get the ‘Success!’ page; go ahead and log in 🙂




    The link provided by the OP describes installing locally using either XAMPP or MAMP 🙂



    Thank you all for your helpful responses. I did what 2ninerniner2 suggested and that worked instantly. This adobe tutorial in my initial post really explains it totally wrong I think.

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