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  1. studioeyework
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I recently changed my hosting plan with the same hosting service provider. Along with the plan they also changed my hosting server and deactivated the previous. I was forced to migrate and use a back-up file to restore my site. But unfortunately I am not able to retrieve my website. When I transfer the data and try to access the wp-admin it gives an error 'Error establishing a database connection' Also, I am not able to visit the site. When I try visiting the website, a blank page shows up and no error is shown. Need help how to restore my website using the back up archive provided by the hosting company.

    I can be reached on [support is not provided by email]

  2. If your previous account was deactivated then you wouldn't have access to the database where your information is stored. You will need to create a new database and user, making sure to assign the user wil ALL privileges. Then you should be able to import the backup .sql file that you have into your new database. When your database is imported and your files have been uploaded, you should be able to connect to your site.

  3. studioeyework
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Would creating a new database allow me to revert to old version? As the theme I am on is only supported by WP version 3.4.x. I have the entire set of files, but the only thing is, when i create a new account, should I replace the existing file manually or use the restore option provided in the wordpress?

  4. Lorraine
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Nothing in the database will be any different after you import the files. Your new database will be completely empty and won't know it is going to run WordPress until you import the .sql files. When they are imported as long as you set it up with the same user name etc that is in wp-config you'll be fine.

    I assume that you have uploaded the new files via ftp to the server or unpacked a .zip file from the host with the advice I added.

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