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  • Hi all,
    a few days ago I changed my database’s password but have since changed it back via ftp and config.php. So all is good there.

    The problem I’m having at is an intermittent ‘Error establishing a database connection’ message. I can usually go straight to my home page, but if I type in a certain page such as /about-me then I get this error. Another unusual thing is that sometimes I can navigate through parts of my site and sometimes I can’t. The hosting company doesn’t have anything on this, and so I’m turning to you here.

    Any ideas? I’m really stumped.

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  • If it’s intermittent then that means that your hosting servers connection to the database server is flakey and dies sometimes. This is something that you’d have to talk to your hosting company about, but from hat you’ve said it sounds like the lower-level techs that you were talking to didn’t have much of an idea (or were trained to try hard ot jsut send you on your way).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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