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  • I am brand new to WordPress and I am having trouble getting the newest version installed on my server. I keep receiving this message when I try to locate the folder via a direct URL.

    “Error establishing a database connection”.

    I have tried various methods. Important note: I have successfully installed an older version via my hosting companies admin site (installation Wizard). This version: 2.3.x seems to load up and connect to the database fine. I can even log in.

    I thought it might be the wp-config.php file. Because when I try and manually populate the newest 2.9 version of the wp-config.php and upload the whole folder, it does not work. I even took the exact information from the working wp-config.php file that I installed via the wizard. I of course deleted the old wordpress folder that was auto installed before I tried replacing it with the newer version.

    I want to be able to understand this process so I would like to be able to get the version working that I place info in to manually. I am reluctant to use the old version that my server provides because it is very outdated. Maybe I should install that and update he WordPress versions sequentially (like I have seen in other posts)?

    Is it possible that my server/host does not support the newest version? This seems strange since it supports v. 2.3.X… I was hoping WordPress would be easier to install. As I hear all sorts of good things about it, especially when used as a CMS which I plan to do.

    Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Confused in NYC.

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    Check the database name and check again. Ask your web host; look in your hosting control panel for the info. The install wizard for the older version did that for you; you need to find the info yourself for your manual install. The database host name may be different when not using the wizard.

    Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex

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