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  • This means your wp-config.php file is not configured correctly. The file is in the root folder of your WP installation.

    Double check the database name, user, user password, and host connection.

    Same problem with, but I know that everyting is correct in de wp-config.php because the site has worked for a long time (6 months)

    Trying to enter the phpmyamdin gives the error: #1040 – Too many connections. Don’t know what to do?

    I’m seeing the same behavior, sporadically. My guess is that the shared host serving up my MySQL database is simply overloaded. Perhaps complain to your web hosting service (mine is GoDaddy), or move to another provider.

    My host is GoDaddy as well this is nuts

    This just happened to me as well. It has been working wonderfully, and then out of blue…

    Error establishing a database connection where the site should be.

    This host is GoDaddy too. I wonder if there is some thing to them.

    I see another thread on this as well…seems Godaddy may be having some problems.

    Seems Network Solutions must be having the same problems… my database has gone “down” now as well.

    Have also got this problem as of today. wp-config is unaltered.

    This problem has resolved itself after half an hour downtime but I found a video that troubleshoots the issue. Go to Figaro’s website: educhalk dot org and search for ‘Error establishing a database connection’.


    Hi.I did check and follow the instructions of the video mentioned above, but am still facing the same issue.

    I am/was using WP 2.8.5, hosted through bluehost. I updated the ‘SimpleScripts’ security update (via bluehost) and then installed Buddypress. At which point my blog started w/the error messages. I uninstalled BuddyPress believing that to be the problem. But alas to no avail.

    So before I do anything else to screw up my blog, I wanted to bring this to the forums. Is it possible (and smarter) to boot up a backup)? Is there a solution that I’m just not seeing? Or am i dealing with a whole nother monster entirely thanks to the apps touched upon earlier.

    It seems my problem has been resolved.

    As with FreeRoamSoul, I’m with BlueHost and have WP 2.9.1 installed via SimpleScripts.
    All was working perfectly well for months till I woke this morning to find ‘Error establishing a database connection’. Same thing is happening on 3 of my blogs sites.
    I’ve checked the wp_config.php files and all seems correct, however I can’t confirm whether the password is correct as have never been sent it. Can’t seem to find anyway through SimpleScripts to reset it either. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Seems to be resolved now, however…
    It might be a coincident but I had just opened up phpMyAdmin through Bluehost cPanel to look to see if the data was there – it was. This may have kicked the authentication into action.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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