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  1. vanhorn
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've just downloaded the latest.tar.gv, extracted all files, and moved them into /var/www/ifiwereking/web/wordpress.
    I've created a new database named wordpress in MySQL through Webmin, and established a new MySQL user named theking and given him all rights to the database wordpress from any host. There are no tables in the wordpress database.
    I've entered this in
    Another PHP program in another domain on the same host is currently working, so I know MySQL and PHP are still working on the machine.
    The system is RedHat Release 9 and has been running smoothly for months with about two dozen hosts on it.
    About a bazillion variables about the system can be gleaned from
    Maybe I'll get up in the morning and see something right off, but I certainly can't find any typos or anything else at the moment. I've hardly done enough yet to have made any mistakes! Still, until I connect to the bloody database I can't get started.

  2. Mark McKibben
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Are you trying to do some sort of split install with the index in one directory and the rest of the WP files in another? I checked out your phpinfo and could see that you've got all the requirments. Then I went to http://www.ifiwereking.net/wordpress and got a note that you were missing the wp-config.php file. After that I looked at http://www.ifiwereking.net and it was prompting for to install WP.

  3. clay
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Seems to be working on the root site now

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