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  • Hi, after updating the plugin i’ve received this email, but maxmind database have been updated ok, (at least data file is modified):

    Warning; unable to update the Maxmind mmdb data file:<br>Error uncompressing tar.gz: phar “/httpdocs/foro-psicologia/wp-content/cca_maxmind_data/GeoLite2-Country.tar” exists and must be unlinked prior to conversion<br>If a previously installed valid Maxmind look-up file exists then it will continue to be used. See CCA “Country” or Country Caching “Support” tabs for more information.<br>Email sent by the CCA or Country Caching plugin Sat, 07 Jul 2018 19:12:22 +0000

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  • Plugin Author wrigs1


    Hi Alex,

    Chances are your Maxmind data directory contains an old version of “GeoLite2-Country.tar” that for some reason CCA was unable to delete.

    Relevant part of CCA update process:

    1. if “GeoLite2-Country.tar” exists it is “unlinked” i.e. deleted
    2. “GeoLite2-Country.tar” is decompressed (extracted) from “GeoLite2-Country.tar.gz” (n.b. PHP prevents extraction if a file of the same name already exists in the directory)
    3. if the extraction failed an error message is created and emailed to you; otherwise processing continues.

    Possible reasons CCA was unable to delete the “old” file:

    1. Owner & file permissions: Under Linux etc files and processes have owners. A file created by CPanel, FTP etc may have a different owner than one created via WordPress. If, say, you manually extracted a Maxmind Tar in this directory then the CCA script may not have sufficient privileges to delete the file.

    2. Your server may have cached the file’s status before deletion and PHPs Phar decompress thinks the file already exists and halts extract.

    3. File locked and in use by another process (unlikely).

    I already have your email from a query on another subject so I’ll contact you direct to avoid open discussion of your file security settings; and later you and I can update this thread with cause and hopefully solution.

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